Hot Spring

Hot Springs are pools of steamy water found in various locations throughout Hallownest. While standing in one, the SOUL and masks of the Knight will slowly replenish.

A Hot Spring Pin can be purchased from Iselda for Geo100, which reveals the locations of every Hot Spring in the area after that area's Map has been purchased.

After acquiring Salubra's Blessing, Hot Springs become less useful if any Bench is near.


Hot Springs can be found in the following locations:

Hot Spring events


Forgotten Crossroads

After the Mantis Claw has been acquired, two bugs, similar to the ones in the grandstand of the Colosseum, appear bathing and exchanging gossip. Upon approaching them, they fall silent. If they are splashed with water they will react by grumbling and withdrawing further into the water. Using the Dream Nail on them reveals some information about the Colosseum of Fools:

"Another weak one. I'd suggest it try its nail within the Colosseum, though it'd no doubt be squashed in an instant."

Bather 2

Colosseum of Fools

A non-aggressive Sturdy Fool bathing, splashing it will cause it to raise its hand and grunt. Using the Dream Nail gives the dialogue:

"... Why does it disturb me?.."

Quirrel hotspring


Quirrel will appear in the Hot Spring in Deepnest after the Failed Tramway has been visited. He will comment on the history of Distant Village and invites the Knight to join him in the Hot Spring. He can be splashed with water which prompts him to bend his head downwards in order to block the water with the mask he wears on his head.

Millibelle hotsprings

Pleasure House

After Millibelle has been given Geo2550 or more and her empty bank has been visited, she can be found in the Hot Spring in the Pleasure House in the City of Tears. She can be bounced around here in order to reclaim around 1.5x the amount of Geo that was deposited.


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