For the playable Silksong protagonist, see: Hornet (Silksong)
Hornet Hornet Protector Hornet Sentinel

Skilled protector of Hallownest's ruins. Wields a needle and thread.

I have seen this nimble little creature. I thought her prey and pounced at her, but with a flash she stabbed me with her flying stinger and darted away. Could she be... a Hunter?

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Hornet Protector is the first form of Hornet as a boss in Hollow Knight. She confronts the Knight in Greenpath to impede on their quest, but underestimates her opponent and does not deploy her full strength. Unlocking her journal entry requires defeating her once in both Protector and Sentinel forms or defeating her twice in Godmaster Icon.png Godhome.

Behaviour and Tactics

Hornet has 4 base attacks:

  • Lunge: Hornet lunges forward with her needle in front of her.
  • Aerial Lunge: Hornet jumps into the air before aiming at the Knight and rushing downwards.
  • Gossamer Storm: Hornet unleashes an area-of-effect attack centred on herself, using her thread to slice into anything around her. This attack can be done in the air.
  • Throw: Hornet throws her needle forward, then pulls it back. The range of this attack is slightly smaller than the width of the battlefield. The needle can damage the Knight on the way back.
  • Leap: Hornet jumps to move within the arena.
  • Run: Hornet runs to move within the arena.

Stagger Values
Description: Hornet Protector leans over and pauses, breathing heavily.
Hits: 11 Stagger Limit: 5
Combo: 6 Combo Time: <2s per hit

Wait until she moves in with a Lunge attack and get a few hits in to charge SOUL. Then, when she moves out of range, hit her with Vengeful Spirit. At this point in the game, Vengeful Spirit deals 3 times as much damage as the Nail.

After taking about a fifth of her health, she staggers and kneels on the ground to recover. This occurs four times throughout the fight. Use this time to heal if needed or to hit her with Vengeful Spirit, as the next attack on her causes her to immediately recover.

The best moments to heal during battle are during her Throw attack and her Gossamer Storm attack since both have limited range and take time to complete.

The Knight can perform a downward slash if they mistime their jump over the Needle during the Throw attack, allowing them to bounce off of Hornet's needle without taking damage.

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Statue Hornet Protector.png
Hornet Protector
Hall of Gods text: "I watch over lush pathways and distant ash-swept graves"
"God protector of a fading land"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Master, locked by default
Health Attuned Badge.png 900
Ascended Badge.png 1250
Radiant Badge.png
Arena changes The arena appears to be about the same size, no difficulty differences.

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence.png


In Greenpath:
  • Too weak, little ghost...
  • No shadow will haunt me...
  • Only pity for your cursed kind.

In Godhome:

  • ...Do they watch us struggle?..
  • Do you haunt my dreams... Or I yours?
  • Little Ghost... What dreams we share...


Hornet Protector can be fought in Greenpath.



Achievement Test of Resolve.png Test of Resolve
Defeat Hornet in Greenpath


  • The names of her boss forms "Hornet Protector" and "Hornet Sentinel" were coined in Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster, prior to which she was commonly referred to as simply "Hornet 1&2".
  • Despite having an unlock text in the link=:Category: Hall of Gods, it is impossible to see it in-game. The Mothwing Cloak obtained from fighting Hornet in Greenpath is necessary to enter the Fungal Wastes and thus later on link=:Category: Godhome.
  • If Hornet Protector is attacked with Vengeful Spirit before her dialogue prior to the boss fight is triggered, the boss fight begins immediately, and the dialogue is skipped.
  • Hornet will turn upside-down in the air if she is defeated in the middle of her Aerial Lunge attack.


  1. Hornet Hunter's Journal entry: "I have seen this nimble little creature. I thought her prey and pounced at her, but with a flash she stabbed me with her flying stinger and darted away."
  2. Tweet by Team Cherry
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