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"O Gods of Hallownest, show Us your might! We shall attune Ourselves to thee and ascend ever higher!"
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Higher beings are god-like creatures[1] in the world of Hallownest that exist above all others.[2] They have certain abilities and powers that regular bugs do not have; although, these abilities are generally different for each higher being. In addition to this, some higher beings were deified; worshipped as gods by other bugs.

"Pale Being" is a term which refers to two higher beings, the Pale King and the White Lady. The Kingsoul, a holy Charm containing limitless Soul within, is a symbol of their union.[3] The rare metal, Pale Ore, shares some unknown connection with these pale beings as well.[4]

The Pale King

Pale King HB.png

The Pale King is a Wyrm who transformed from his Wyrm form into his current form in order to match the bugs of Hallownest;[5][6] the corpse of this Wyrm can still be found in Kingdom's Edge. He is described as being a "light".[7] He is able to expand the minds of bugs, giving them sapience.[8] Like all Wyrms, he also has the ability of foresight.[9] The Pale King was the monarch of Hallownest but disappeared sometime after the Infection returned.[10] The Pale King’s corpse can be found in the White Palace. Godmaster Icon.png The Godseeker notes that he was completely erased but that his power still lingers.[11]

The White Lady

White Lady HB.png

The White Lady is a Root who was the Queen of Hallownest. She has an insatiable desire to spread her seeds and to propagate herself, which resulted in the process of Vessels being born.[12] It is unknown if she has any other powers, but she does have the ability to create flowers.[13] The White Lady bound herself in the Queen's Gardens to stop herself from having more offspring.[14] The White Lady seems to be evading attunement by the Godmaster Icon.png Godseeker due to her diminishing her power.[15]

The Radiance

Radiance HB.png

The Radiance is a higher being who created the Moth Tribe.[16] She is described as being a light brighter than Essence, which is the substance that dreams are made of.[17] . After she was almost entirely forgotten, she started exerting her power through the dreams of bugs, leading to the Infection.[18][19] In response to this, the Pale King sealed her into the Hollow Knight, but ultimately it was not enough and the kingdom of Hallownest was razed by the plague.

Grimm Troupe Icon.png The Nightmare's Heart

Nightmare's Heart HB.png

The Nightmare's Heart is the deepest power of the Nightmare Realm which exists at the heart of the Grimm Troupe.[20] In the past, the nightmare realm became separated from the rest of the dream realm.[21][22] The Ritual of the Grimm Troupe exists in order to provide the Heart with a vessel, which it needs to sustain itself.[23][24] This vessel takes the physical form of Troupe Master Grimm or the Grimmchild.


Unn HB.png

Unn is a slug-like being who made the Mosskin and the vegetation of Greenpath from her dream.[25] She was worshipped as a deity in Greenpath, but over time her strength faded.[26] She sleeps in an area to the west of the Lake of Unn where she is calling to the Mosskin.[27] The Mosskin also speak of a "Law of Unn" that is enforced onto wanderers who stray too far off the pilgrim’s way into Greenpath.[28]

Void Entity

Shade Lord HB.png

The Void Entity is stated by Godseeker to be the God of Gods and thus the most probable strongest being known.[29] The Knight becomes the Lord of Shades after acquiring Void Heart and unifying the Void under their will.[30] During the Godmaster Icon.png Embrace the Void ending, they become the focal point of the Void. It is unknown what kind of abilities they have other than being able to unify the Void and defeat the Radiance. During the cutscene after the Void Entity has killed Godmaster Icon.png Absolute Radiance in Godmaster Icon.png Godhome, it is shown to wreak destruction on Godhome by consuming the Godmaster Icon.png Godseeker using Void Tendrils in the dream. It then bursts out of the Godseeker in the Junk Pit. Its motives are unknown even if it has underlying hints of malevolence portrayed in its actions.

Other Powerful Beings

It is not certain whether these beings are higher beings, although they do appear to have powers beyond that of most ordinary bugs.

Abyss Creature

Abyss Creature HB.png

The Abyss Creature is seen in both the Abyss, in the area containing the Lifeblood Core Charm, and in Godmaster Icon.png Godhome. It is connected to both Lifeblood and Dreams, but it is unclear in what way. The Lifeblood plant in Godhome, when struck with the Dream Nail, also spreads the influence of Lifeblood all over the area, possibly suggesting at some sort of ability that this creature has.

Godmaster Icon.png Gods of Thunder, Gods of Rain

Gods of Thunder and Rain HB.png

Little is known about these beings that come from the homeland of the Godseeker, the Land of Storms. It is presumed that they were dead when the Godseeker came to be, as their silence was the catalyst to the Godseeker arriving in Hallownest to find other gods as well as the Land of Storms itself being referred to as a "godless land".[31][32] Huge corpses can be found in the background of the Land of Storms - particularly two major ones found in the room with the Weathered Mask. These are known as "Old Gods" in the game's files and are possibly the Gods of Thunder and Rain. It can be noted that the Godseeker indirectly calls the Old Gods "pretender Gods", though it is unknown if she is actually referring to the Gods of Thunder and the Gods of Rain with this statement.[33]


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