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Heavy Blow is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It increases an enemy's knockback when hit by Nail strikes or Nail Arts. It also reduces the number of hits required to stagger a boss by 1.


High knockback can be useful for enemies who have an uninterruptible attack, like the Massive Moss Charger and the Wandering Husk. Using Heavy Blow against this kind of enemy usually pushes them back far enough to prevent their attack from hitting the Knight, allowing for more consecutive attacks, a chance to escape and heal, and safer Nail attacks for enemies with high range (thus removing the need for a ranged Spell and saving SOUL). However, this charm should not be used against ranged enemies and Warrior Dreams such as No Eyes and Gorb (especially considering that they cannot be staggered), as it is harder to deal consistent damage to them from a distance.

Enemies that do not take knockback are not affected by Heavy Blow's increased knockback. This includes most bosses.

Godmaster Icon.png Since Heavy Blow decreases the hits needed to stagger a boss by 1, it can be useful during boss fights.

How to Acquire

You enjoy smacking about foes with that nail of yours, right? With this charm equipped, you'll be able to send them flying further with every hit!

Charm Combo Tips

Quick Slash.png

Quick Slash
Effective when combined with Quick Slash to knock back enemies at a faster rate.
Steady Body.png

Steady Body
Allows the Knight to push all enemies away with strikes while not slowing down. More effective combined with Quick Slash.
Grubberfly's Elegy.png

Grubberfly's Elegy
Allows projectiles to knock back enemies from greater distances.


  1. Does not affect the knockback of Nail attacks made while wall-sliding.
Charm Compendium
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Steady Body
Heavy Blow.png

Heavy Blow
Quick Slash.png

Quick Slash

Mark of Pride.png

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Baldur Shell.png

Baldur Shell

Defender's Crest.png

Defender's Crest
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Glowing Womb
Quick Focus.png

Quick Focus
Deep Focus.png

Deep Focus
Lifeblood Heart.png

Lifeblood Heart
Lifeblood Core.png

Lifeblood Core
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Joni's Blessing

Grubberfly's Elegy.png

Grubberfly's Elegy

Spore Shroom.png

Spore Shroom
Sharp Shadow.png

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Shape of Unn
Nailmaster's Glory.png

Nailmaster's Glory
Dream Wielder.png

Dream Wielder

Void Heart.png

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Unbreakable Heart.png

Unbreakable Heart
Unbreakable Greed.png

Unbreakable Greed
Unbreakable Strength.png

Unbreakable Strength



Carefree Melody.png

Carefree Melody