Mature gruzzer that carries its young in its belly. Attacks by hurling its huge body around.

Bizarrely, this monster does not lay eggs but instead carries its young inside of its fat stomach. This strange practice seems to exhaust the creature, making it sleepy and vulnerable. Take advantage!

Dialogue Bottom

The Gruz mother is an optional mini-boss in Hollow Knight. She is also a dual Colosseum of Fools boss. Unlocking her Journal entry requires beating 3 Gruz Mothers.

In-game events

One Gruz Mother can be found blocking the direct path to an abandoned village at the bottom of the Forgotten Crossroads. She is sleeping, exhausted from carrying her children and wakes up when struck. Upon defeat, its stomach bursts open to reveal a swarm of Gruzzers.

Two more Gruz Mothers can be fought simultaneously at the end of the Trial of the Warrior. They do not spawn Gruzzers upon death.

Behaviour and Tactics

Found sleeping in a small arena. Will only attack once damaged.

  • Charge: Charges a short distance straight at the Knight's location either then stopping or lightly colliding off the floor or wall.
  • Wild Slam: Repeatedly slams herself between the floor and the ceiling slowly moving a short distance forwards with every slam turning without stopping when reaching a wall.
  • Fly: While not performing any attack, Gruz Mother will aimlessly fly within the arena.

Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Gruz Mother

Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Gruz Mother

Gruz Mother Guide Video

When Gruz Mother dies in her Forgotten Crossroads encounter, she spawns a swarm of 7-8 Gruzzers that must also be defeated before the Knight can leave the boss area.

The Wild Slam can be dodged easier with the Mothwing Cloak since the attack is fast and requires decent timing in order to avoid. Using Vengeful Spirit is the easiest way to defeat her, as she has relatively low health (6 vengeful spirits/14 old-nail strikes is enough to defeat the Gruz Mother).

In the Colosseum of Fools, two are fought at once. It is best to kill a Gruz Mother as fast as possible, and using all SOUL for spells is a good idea since the next wave may be Zote the Mighty, and he cannot deal any damage to The Knight. Howling Wraiths is the best spell to defeat a Gruz Mother in the Colosseum of Fools. Otherwise, use Fragile Strength or Quick Slash to kill her really quickly. Healing is easy since they won't attack really often, just keep a small distance from them in order to heal.

Godmaster Icon Godmaster Content

Statue Gruz Mother
Gruz Mother
Hall of Gods text: "I sleep amongst winding roads."
"Slumbering god of fertility"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Master, 2nd boss
Health Attuned Badge 650
Ascended Badge 945
Radiant Badge
Arena changes In any difficulty, the Gruz Mother does not spawn Gruzzers upon defeat. The ground will be replaced with 3 smaller platforms and 4 spike pits on Ascended difficulty or above.

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence
  • ...Full...Almost time...
  • ...Danger...Tired...Kill...
  • ...Sleep... Dying...


Found in the Forgotten Crossroads, sleeping peacefully until disturbed.

Two are fought at once in the Colosseum of Fools, however, they do not spawn Gruzzers upon death. This is also true for the ones fought in the Godmaster Icon Hall of Gods, Godmaster Icon Pantheon of the Master, and Godmaster Icon Pantheon of Hallownest.



Achievement Warrior Warrior
Complete the Trial of the Warrior


  • Gruz Mother was the first mini-boss revealed in a YouTube gameplay demonstration video.[1] It was referred to as "Empress Muzznik".[2]


  1. Hollow Knight Gameplay Demonstration video showing Gruz Mother.
  2. Kickstarter Update of December 4th, 2014.
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