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The name "Grindle" comes from the password used to open the zip file containing the info about this character.

Grindle is an upcoming NPC in Hollow Knight: Silksong teased by Matthew "Leth" Griffin in the Hollow Knight Discord after members were able to solve a riddle.

Little more is known about him except for a description and a gif also provided by the same source.

"Hoho, free at last! Locked up in here much too long, we was! Nasty place to keep a poor little snitchbug! You’re smellin’ fancy though... Bet you got some nice shinies hidden in that cloak!"

A common snitchbug, fixated on thievery. Though he has travelled the lengths of Pharloom, he’s seen most of it through the iron bars of cages and cells. Free at last, he’s taking full advantage of the kingdom’s ailing state.

This sneaky thief will gladly take rosaries in exchange for snippets of information he has gathered, though his gossip is often of questionable value.



  • Grindle is one of a series of NPCs teased using riddles provided by Matthew "Leth" Griffin that lasted throughout June to July of 2020. The others being Huntress, Caravan, and Seth.
  • The riddle solved to reveal this character featured clues that hinted at different characters from the first game. The riddle and solution are outlined below:
"I am a fly of little fame
But here's your chance to know my name
I dwell in land of silk and song
And I don't feel that thieving's wrong"
"I hope that you won't think me rude
But I am in a riddling mood
So now I speak a clue or two
To recall names of Things you knew"
"The first of Things has known no peer
You find him in a realm of tears
He wields a hammer but needs a nail
And seeks a trinket, metallic and pale"
Answer: Nailsmith
"Another Thing with friendly face
And you can find them any place
They may be found both near and far
And freely if not for a jar"
Answer: Grub
"The next Thing you find everywhere
But few are sure it's really there
Corrupt yet "does it have a mind?"
It's in their eyes but are they blind?"
Answer: Infection
"The first of letters in his name
And the sixth of mine are same
But if you have nothing to buy
His speech may begin with a sigh"
Answer: Lemm
"The fifth character of this game
Are capital letters in his name
And if you face him you will find
He guards what exits from behind"
Answer: Dung Defender
"The next Thing is a simple one
And angry once her rest is done
She'll fly while bouncing to and fro
And inside her the babies grow"
Answer: Gruz Mother
"And now the last Thing finally
Confessed to her regretfully
Rarely would you see its eyes
For inside of you this Thing lies"
Answer: Shade
"Three seers from the tube of you
Shared wisdom June of one and two
Revealing my name is no small feat
Three key rules were theirs to tweet"
Answer: Three YouTubers who posted the next three clues on Twitter: Mossbag, Relyea, and Rusty
"These Things are much more than words
The last of Things defeats the third
Though with the third I share the first letter
The other's last letter suits me better"
Answer: Letter "E" (From Shade)
"The first two letters of my name
Are definitely not the same
But two of the Things from this rhyme
Share the first two letters of mine"
Answer: Letters "GR" (From Grub and Gruz Mother)
"The third and fourth letters of mine
Are first in two Things equally wide
To know these two Things we need the width
Subtract three from the count of the fifth"
Answer: Letters "IN" (From Infection and Nailsmith)
"DL" (From Dung Defender and Lemm)
Final result: GR IN DL E (Grindle)


  1. Description in the file where Grindle was revealed.