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For the content pack released on 26 October, 2017, see The Grimm Troupe.
For lore information on the Grimm Troupe, a group in Hallownest, see The Grimm Troupe (Lore).

The Grimm Troupe's Quest is Troupe Master Grimm's request to help the Troupe's Ritual in Hallownest. It has two possible endings, with different rewards, achievements, and characters involved. The two endings are mutually exclusive.

Quest Outline

Summoning The Grimm Troupe

Grimm Troupe Corpse Location.PNG

In order to start the quest, the Knight must first travel to the Howling Cliffs and go through two breakable walls (marked by circles on the map to the right), then find "The corpse of a large bug" by travelling to the end of a short corridor and through another small hidden gap to the room where it lies (marked with an arrow on the map). After Dream Nailing the corpse, the previous room must be returned to, where the torch is now lit. By striking the brazier at the foot of the torch multiple times a small cutscene triggers, showcasing the Nightmare Lantern Interlude.

Grimm and the Grimmchild

When returning to Dirtmouth, two tents of the Grimm Troupe have appeared, with the larger one containing Grimm. Speaking with Grimm grants the Grimmchild Charm, and, as long as it is equipped, it is possible to fight the Grimmkin, scattered across Hallownest and take their flames (marked on the Knight's Map).

The first Grimmkin fought are the Novices, and once all three are defeated, returning to Grimm upgrades the Grimmchild and allows for fighting the next Grimmkin, the Masters. Defeating these and returning to Grimm initiates the Troupe Master Grimm boss fight. Defeating Grimm upgrades the Grimmchild once again, grant the Grand Performance achievement, and a Charm Notch, and allows the Knight to find and fight the final Grimmkin, the Nightmares.

Brumm and the Nightmare King

The final phase of the Ritual has not three but four flames scattered around Hallownest. One of those four flames is carried by Brumm in Deepnest. When listened to, Brumm will suggest breaking the cycle of the Ritual and banishing the Troupe from Hallownest. He then tells the Knight that if they so wish, they should meet him where it all began.

Returning to Grimm's tent with three flames collected and Dream Nailing the sleeping Grimm initiates the Nightmare King Grimm boss fight. Defeating the Nightmare King completes the Ritual in Hallownest, granting the Ritual achievement. The Grimmchild is upgraded one final time, and the Troupe leaves Hallownest, with the exception of Divine, who stays behind until all Fragile Charms (Heart, Greed, and Strength) are made Unbreakable.

If instead Brumm is approached at the Howling Cliffs, the Knight can help him destroy the Nightmare Lantern and banish the Troupe. Doing so removes the Grimmchild Charm from the inventory and grants the Banishment achievement. Returning to Dirtmouth reveals the presence of a new NPC, Nymm, while the entire Troupe is nowhere to be found. Speaking to Nymm grants the Carefree Melody Charm, which takes up the same slot in the inventory as Grimmchild.

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If the Nightmare Lantern room is exited before breaking the brazier, Brumm disappears and Banishment becomes unavailable forever.

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Due to how the Banishment ending works, any unacquired unbreakable Charms are permanently unobtainable if the Knight decides to banish the troupe.
If Divine has a Charm currently consumed when the Grimm Troupe is banished, then it is left on the ground, still in its Fragile form, when returning to Dirtmouth.


Charm Notch.png
Charm Notch x1
Carefree Melody.png
Carefree Melody
Exclamation Mark.png

Grimmchild and Carefree Melody are mutually exclusive, one per save file. See here.


Achievement Grand Performance.png {S} Grand Performance
Defeat Troupe Leader Grimm.
Achievement Ritual.png {S} Ritual
Defeat the Nightmare King and complete the Ritual.

Achievement Banishment.png {S} Banishment
Banish the Grimm Troupe from Hallownest.
Exclamation Mark.png

Ritual and Banishment are mutually exclusive, one per save file. See here.

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