The signature Nail Art of Nailmaster Sheo. Unleashes a huge slash directly in front of you which deals extra damage to foes.

Nail ability learned from Nailmaster Sheo. A powerful slash performed by holding ATTACK until fully charged, then releasing while not holding UP or dashing. A Great Slash attack deals 2.5x Nail damage.

If this is the only Nail Art that has been learned, Great Slash will be executed regardless of direction or dashing.

In addition to attacking in front, the Great Slash also hits slightly above and below The Knight.

Hold ATTACK, release + UP / DOWN (then press ATTACK several times, optional). Damage: 1.25 x Nail damage.

Damage Values

Exclamation Mark
Nail Art damage is not affected by Fragile Strength.
Nail Damage
Old Nail 12
Sharp Nail 22
Channeled Nail 32
Coiled Nail 42
Pure Nail 52

How to Acquire

Nailmaster Sheo resides in Greenpath.

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