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Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. A mysterious life-form that claimed to contain all of the world's knowledge inside of its distended brain.

I am Gorb!

– Gorb
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Gorb is a Warrior Dream boss in Hollow Knight.


Gorb the Great Mind was a mystic creature with a distended brain who claimed to be all-knowing.[1] They goaded others to revere their mind and ascend with them to a different plane of existence.[2] Their remains were buried on a hill atop the Howling Cliffs, with a tombstone carved in their image.

In-game events

Gorb's spirit appears at their tomb after acquiring the Dream Nail. They try to make the Knight follow their mystic ways.[3] After their defeat, they give up before shattering into 100 Essence collected by the Dream Nail.

Behaviour and Tactics

Gorb has only one attack in addition to teleportation:

  • Spear Cast: Gorb fires a ring of 8 spears outwards in a circle from their location. The spears travel through the environment and deal contact damage. Gorb almost always automatically uses this attack if hit, otherwise Gorb normally waits a few seconds before launching another wave. At 70% HP, Gorb fires 2 waves in alternating patterns, and at 40% HP, Gorb fires 3 waves.
  • Teleport: Gorb teleports to a random location in the arena and continues attacking from there.


Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Brothers Oro & Mato

Go to timestamp 8:49 for Gorb tactics

Gorb's only attack is slow enough to dodge with good timing, though when close-up, they are clustered enough that it is hard to get in time for a Nail strike unless the Knight has acquired the Shade Cloak. Using ranged attacks and Spells mitigates this problem.

Gorb's fight, like all Warrior Dream fights, uses the entire room as the arena. In Gorb's case, this results in the largest arena out of all the other Warrior Dreams, and the only one that has other enemies in the same room. A good strategy if the Knight becomes damaged is to move as far away from the main platform as possible, as Gorb only stays within that area, and heal up, using the Dream Nail to regain SOUL from the nearby enemies. From this distance, the Knight only has to be aware of one or two stray spears.

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Statue Gorb.png


Hall of Gods text: "I lie dreaming at a wind-blasted peak"
"Dreamborn god of the beyond"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Master, 6th boss
Health Attuned difficulty 650
Ascended difficulty 1000
Radiant difficulty
Arena changes The ground is replaced by three platforms on Ascended difficulty or above.


Before the fight
First encounter I am Gorb!

Bow! Bow bow bow bow to Gorb!
The great mind! I am Gorb!
Ascend! Ascend! Ascend ascend ascend with Gorb!

Listening again Ascend! Ascend! Ascend ascend ascend with Gorb!

After the fight
When listened to I... am Gorb!

The great mind... the pain! Ascend! Ascend!
I... I am...

Inspecting Remains
On their tomb Here lies Gorb, the Great Mind.


Gorb's grave is located in the northeast part of the Howling Cliffs.



The original concept art

  • Gorb was originally a slug with a blade held in their mouth.[4]
  • Despite Gorb being known as the "Great Mind", Gorb's in-game dialogue appears simplistic, marked by a childlike speech pattern and a limited vocabulary.
  • Gorb used to be named after their backer, Aladar. They have several cut dialogues under this name:
    • Greetings pale thing. Do you seek my knowledge? That I cannot give. Only an end.
    • Would you accept the end I offer?
    • Alas. It destroys...
  • In the French translation of the game, these cut dialogues are used instead of the final one.[5] This is because the French translation was made while the text was still being finalised before launch, while the rest were made only afterwards.[6]


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  2. Godmaster Icon.png Hall of Gods description: "Dreamborn god of the beyond"
  3. Gorb: "Ascend! Ascend! Ascend ascend ascend with Gorb!"
  4. Source: Twitter DMs, can be found here.
  5. French translation of the English line "Ascend! Ascend! Ascend ascend ascend with Gorb!": "Veux-tu la fin que je t’offre ?"
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