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The lands of Hallownest are filled by several groups of strange sentient creatures. They occupy various territories around the vast kingdom and developed their own societies and cultures aside from the Pale King's rule.

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For more information on the NPC found in Junkpit, see: The Godseeker
The Godseekers

The Godseekers are a travelling group of masked bugs looking for gods, powerful beings that they revere for their strength and powers.[1] They can focus their mind to attune with other living creatures, but also make them ascend to a higher state.[2] This tribe share a collective mind[3][4] and only exist as Essence beings, with the exception of one. They live inside her mind, in the dream realm of Godhome.

The Godseekers originate from a distant place, the Land of Storms, turned void of life but themselves. Their gods either died or abandoned them,[5] which prompted them to travel and seek new ones.[6] At some point, they merged within the mind of a single Godseeker, who bears Godhome within her thoughts. This feat is possible through a special kind of mask, passed along other Godseekers.[5] They also built a temporary tuning device in order to find the resonance of other powerful beings in distant lands, and where to steer their journey.[7]

The current Godseeker harbouring the tribe ended up in Hallownest, following the remnants of the Pale King's power.[8] With the King's vanishing and the other higher beings of the Kingdom gone silent, she hopes to attune instead to the Radiance.[9] For this, she uses the Godtuner to attune the mind or essence of Hallownest's most powerful creatures to Godhome, where they can become gods.[10] There, the Godseekers observe their fights within the pantheons. With each fight, they aim to ascend to and commune with even higher, out-of-reach creatures, until reaching the Radiance, the "God of Gods".[9]

During her quest, the Godseeker was forced to hibernate for unknown reasons, which prompted her physical metamorphosis.[11] She ended up in a chained sarcophagus-like cocoon and washed away down the Royal Waterways. The Knight finds her in the Junk Pit and can take part in the tribe's ritual of ascension. By defeating the Pure Vessel, they allow the Radiance to be attuned to Godhome and ascend to a higher state. If the Knight succeeds in taking down the Absolute Radiance, they ascend by merging with the Void, giving it focus.[12] This dark entity then consumes both the tribe and the Godseeker.


Besides the main Godseeker, there are Godseekers found all over the area of Godhome and in the background of Boss arenas. They also have their own dialogue when Dream Nailed in the "Atrium".

Godkin1 Godkin2 Godkin3

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence
  • ...Our mind a sea...
  • Seeker of gods...
  • ...Attune...
  • ...A bridge...
  • Seek... power...



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