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Geo is the currency of Hallownest used in Hollow Knight. There are three types of Geo drops:

Worth Geo.png 1 Geo.png 5 Geo.png 25


Used to buy goods from Merchants or to pay tolls for Stag Stations and Benches. Also used to pay the Nailsmith to upgrade the Knight's Nail.


  • Geo.png 1560 for all Stag Stations
  • Geo.png 800 for all Bench Tolls



Infinite Purchases

The following can be bought at infinite supply, provided the Knight is not in Steel Soul Mode.

  • Geo.png 80-100 per Rancid Egg bought from Tuk
  • Geo.png 120-350 per repair of a Fragile Charm at Leg Eater

Summary of Costs

  • Geo.png 69235 to buy everything at the most sparing prices
  • Geo.png 69911 to buy everything without extra exertion (Geo.png 676 difference)

How to Acquire

A Geo chest

Geo can be gained in several different ways:

While the Gathering Swarm Charm is equipped, a small swarm gathers any dropped Geo for the Knight, except those fallen in acid. Fragile Greed (as well as its Grimm Troupe Icon.png unbreakable variant) increases the amount of Geo enemies drop.

Keeping Relics to sell to Lemm when Geo is needed is particularly useful because, unlike Geo, these items are not lost upon death.

A great early source of Geo is the Husk Guards in the Forgotten Crossroads. Many enemies in the City of Tears, especially Great Husk Sentries, as well as Hoppers and Great Hoppers in Kingdom's Edge, are also great sources of Geo.

The fastest ways to farm Geo later in the game are to continuously complete the Trial of the Conqueror or to farm Dirtcarvers and Carver Hatchers in the Failed Tramway with Fragile Greed/Grimm Troupe Icon.png Unbreakable Greed equipped.

Large Geo deposit

One-time Major Sources

  • The Gorgeous Husk in the City of Tears drops Geo.png 420 upon death (Geo.png 504 with Fragile Greed equipped)
  • In Kingdom's Edge, there is a hidden passage accessible by breaking a wall in a room with a Great Hopper and a lot of spike pits. At the very bottom of it is the largest Geo deposit in the game, rewarding Geo.png 420. This value is not increased by Fragile Greed.
  • Millibelle the Thief returns roughly 1.5x what is deposited in her shell, when in the Pleasure House. See Millibelle for more details on this process.



  • The maximum capacity for Geo is 9,999,999.