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A rambunctious older bug and his noble steed, on a quest to discover a new home. Garmond may be the chattier of the two, but Zaza could be the real brains of the pair.
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Garmond and Zaza are two NPCs first revealed in the Hollow Knight: Silksong announcement trailer. They are on a quest to find a new home. Garmond appears to be the rider, while Zaza appears to be mount.

Garmond and Zaza only appear once in the announcement trailer; they are seen during the "New Quests" segment. Within a dark, murky hallway with a visible curved lattice pattern in the background, Hornet is shown leaping over the two as they charge forward through a small group of enemies, while Garmond makes a loud vocalization.

They were later revealed in a blog post,[1] which states that the two are on a quest to find a new home. Garmond is described as being rambunctious and chatty, while Zaza is noted to possibly be "the brains" of the two.





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