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Fragile Heart is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It increases the Knight's health by two Masks.


This Charm is quite potent, despite the fact that it breaks upon death. One way to make use of the Charm is to only use it in situations where dying is unlikely, such as exploration, or in tandem with survivability-increasing Charms, while avoiding its use in boss battles, except for Dream Boss battles (as the Charm does not break when dying to these bosses).

It is strictly superior in effect to the Lifeblood Heart Charm (except when using Grubberfly's Elegy) – for the same Notch cost, it provides two regular Masks which can be healed by Focusing.

The obvious downside is that once broken, Leg Eater only repairs it for a price. Late-game, the Geo may not be much of an issue, but the trip may be.

Lastly, it should be noted that its drawback is negated in Steel Soul runs since the run is over upon death anyway, making Fragile Heart a much more useful Charm in a Steel Soul run.

How to Acquire

Purchased from Leg Eater in Fungal Wastes for Geo.png350. Wearing the Defender's Crest Charm causes Leg Eater to lower the cost to Geo.png280.

  • Shop description:
This is a precious thing. A beautiful charm. I made it for you! If you hold it you'll feel a lot healthier. If you're afraid of dying, you need this charm!

When broken, Leg Eater can repair it for Geo.png200, or for Geo.png160 while wearing the Defender's Crest.

  • Shop description when broken:
It's broken now, and its power is sleeping. Very sad! Give me Geo, and I'll fix it.

Once the Grimm Troupe has been summoned, Divine becomes accessible in Dirtmouth. To get the unbreakable version of Fragile Heart, it must be equipped before listening to her, then it must be given to her when prompted. She eats the Charm, then asks for Geo.png12000. Once the Geo is paid, she gives the unbreakable version of Fragile Heart, Unbreakable Heart.

Charm Combo Tips


Useful to combine with Hiveblood during exploration and backtracking as it slowly regenerates health, however it should be noted that it only regenerates the last Mask lost.

Joni's Blessing.png
Joni's Blessing

Joni's Blessing includes the Masks given by Fragile/Unbreakable Heart when calculating its health bonus.

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