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Forge-Daughter is an NPC who appears in Hollow Knight: Silksong. She aids Hornet in her journey by providing a smithing service to craft Hornet's new Tools.[1]

She is a hulking being and, much like the rest of the inhabitants of the Deep Docks, seems to be comprised of bells; a small sleigh bell for her head and a large church bell making up her body. Forge-Daughter also appears to refer to herself using the "royal we"[1] (plural pronouns, usually used by royalty symbolising a connection to divinity), though the reason for this is currently unknown.

The metal carapace filled with hot coals that she appears to be tinkering on can be found all over the Deep Docks.[1] Their purpose is also unknown.


First Encounter Forge-Daughter: Oh! Small pointy bug, why do you bother us, at our work?

Hornet: The sound of your craft called me to investigate. I’d expected more combative types, but you seem composed?

Forge-Daughter: Oh… The rest? They’re all wound up! Their work still continues, in its simple way, but they’re useless for conversation. It’s only ourselves and Ballow over there with any sense left.

Hornet: What is your duty? Are you perhaps, a smith of some kind?

Forge-Daughter: A smith? Hardly so crude! We are Forge-Daughter! How can a pointy bug not tell? Ours is the ancient line and honoured role. These docks and lands around are fortunate to have our skills.

Hornet: If you are as talented as you suggest, would you lend me your aid, if only briefly? I’ve lacked for my usual tools, and I suspect you could craft fine replacements.

Forge-Daughter: Blades and traps, no doubt? I know your type!

Hornet: Of sorts, but maybe strange to this land? Some would likely prove fine challenge for your craft.

Forge-Daughter: Hmph! Then we’ll construct them. But! You’ll provide the materials, and compensation for my time.

Talking Again Forge-Daughter: If you have the materials, we can make whatever you desire. Until then, you must leave us to our work.


Forge-Daughter is found in the Deep Docks.


  • Hitting Ballow makes Forge-Daughter laugh.[1]