Focus is a Spell in Hollow Knight. It allows the Knight to heal using SOUL.


Hold down FOCUS/CAST to drain SOUL and regenerate health at a rate of 1 Mask per 33 SOUL. It takes 1.141 seconds to heal the first Mask including the initial startup time of 0.25 seconds.

Continuing to hold FOCUS/CAST continues to heal 1 Mask of health as long as the Knight has 33 or more SOUL. This takes 0.891 seconds and skips the startup time.

If the Knight does not have enough SOUL, it is not possible to use Focus. However, if Focus is used while at full health, or a full cast of Focus is not performed, stored SOUL is still used up. Getting hit by an enemy interrupts casting (even while protected by the Baldur Shell Charm or having the damage negated by the Grimm Troupe Icon.png Carefree Melody Charm) and wastes any SOUL used during the incomplete cast.


Several Charms change the way Focus works:

  • Baldur Shell gives protection while Focusing.
  • Deep Focus heals 2 Masks of health per Focus at a 65% slower rate.
  • Quick Focus allows the Knight to Focus 33% faster.
    • Equipping both Quick Focus and Deep Focus restores 2 Masks at a 10% slower rate compared to having neither equipped.
  • Joni's Blessing turns all Masks into Lifeblood Masks, preventing the Knight from Focusing.
  • Shape of Unn allows the Knight to move while Focusing.
  • Spore Shroom creates a cloud of damaging spores after Focusing.

How to Acquire

The Knight starts the game with this ability. A tutorial prompt appears the first time the Knight is injured, but Focus may still be activated before this.

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