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Aged fluke, grown fat on the rich refuse found in the pipes below the capital.

When predators are too successful the surplus food they eat becomes soft bulk wrapped around their bodies. Still, these creatures at least seem to make good use of their additional weight.

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Flukemungas are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are bloated Flukes who excrete a grease that helps them slide around the tunnels where they live.[1]

Behaviour and Tactics

Wanders back and forth in a straight corridor. When it senses the Knight it hurls itself towards them, dealing two Masks of damage on contact and only stopping when hitting a wall with a jarring thud.

Flukemungas are found within small tight corridors and take little to no knockback from attacks. Because of this, and the fact that they have very high health, it is recommended to not engage Flukemungas but rather wait for them to pass by and then cross, treating them more like an obstacle.

The Fragile Strength/Grimm Troupe Icon.png Unbreakable Strength and Quick Slash Charms are recommended to dispatch a Flukemunga before it can build up momentum. Using Shade Cloak or the invincibility from Desolate Dive/Descending Dark is also an option to get behind it and out of its way.

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  • ...Mother...
  • ...Mother...Mother...


Flukemungas can be found in the Royal Waterways, to the east of the Junk Pit, making the way to the Godseeker much harder.



  • Flukemunga was created when Team Cherry had to put a pitch together for Nintendo Treehouse 2018. They did not want to have the entire pitch only set in Godhome and therefore created a quick and easy enemy that would "really sell the new content pack".[2]


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  2. Team Cherry AMA comment on the Flukemunga.
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