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Gla gla... Grow and grow... Nice and wet...
-Fluke Hermit to Larva
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Fluke Larvae are tiny immobile larvae that line the floor and ceiling of certain rooms in the Royal Waterways. Although not having their own Hunter's Journal entry and thus not being official enemies, they nearly exactly resemble the behaviour of Maskflies - save for the ability to move.

Besides the tunnel leading to Flukemarm, they can be found in the tunnels with Godmaster Icon Flukemungas. More are scattered in Godmaster Icon Fluke Hermit's room, though those cannot be harmed. Fluke Hermit also refers to the larvae as "Little Sisters".[1]

Like Maskflies, they do not deal contact damage and are generally harmless. They cannot be Dream Nailed but will give SOUL when killed- this makes them very handy sources of SOUL, as they are easy to kill and found in massive clusters. Their quantity also makes them very effective for grinding Essence as, like a normal enemy, they have a chance to drop Essence.




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