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The Eternal Ordeal is a secret challenge which can be found in the Hall of Gods in Godhome. It requires defeating as many Zotelings as possible before dying.

The Eternal Ordeal will always start with a fight against Zoteling the Mighty (who is the same as Zote the Mighty as he is fought in the Trial of the Warrior, however, he is able to deal contact damage). After defeating him, a full-screen title card will appear displaying "THE ETERNAL ORDEAL", and a counter with Zote's head will appear as a HUD in the lower-left of the screen to track Zoteling kills.

Zote will begin to sing along with the music as waves of Zotelings begin to spawn. As the counter racks up kills, the difficulty will increase and more variants will appear, some exclusive to the Ordeal (the Zotelings unique to the Ordeal do not have Journal entries).


Menu Style reward

Once 57 Zotelings have been killed, the counter will turn gold (as does the hidden Zote statue) and a new Menu Style will be unlocked: The Eternal Ordeal. The title screen features a statue of Zote with him singing the main menu theme of the game.


Getting into the Eternal Ordeal. The arch to enter is marked with a big pink arrow.

The Eternal Ordeal is located inside the Hall of Gods. Unlike Hidden Dreams Icon.png Grey Prince Zote, this challenge is unlocked by default. To access it, the player must first navigate to the far right of the second level of Hall of Gods and break the ceiling above the third arch from the right (Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek is useful for finding and breaking the barrier, but Nail attacks can also be used to break it. ).

Then, reach the hidden ledge above the arch via crystal-dashing off the right wall (Sharp Shadow will also do since it extends the range of Shade Cloak) and then use double-jump to grab the wall.

After entering the secret room above, there will be a pounding noise coming from the crumbling left wall. Once this wall is broken, a statue of Zote will enter the room accompanied by Zote's voice. This statue can be challenged which will start the Eternal Ordeal. Once the player dies in the Ordeal, they are returned to this statue.

Types of Zotes

  • Kills to Spawn is the minimum to spawn this Zoteling. New Zotelings only spawn when a previous one is killed, selecting randomly from among the available types. This means a new Zoteling type may not spawn immediately.
  • No more than 2 of the same type of Zoteling will spawn at the same time.
  • All Zotelings increase in speed with each kill. The speedup is subtle but becomes highly noticeable around 50 kills. At ~80 kills, charging Zotelings/Lanky Zotelings can cross the screen in ~1s.
  • No Zotelings but the initial Zoteling can be hit with the Dream Nail.
    • The initial Zoteling's Dream Nail dialogue is the same as when he is fought in the Colosseum of Fools.
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As there are no official names given for any of the unique Zote themed enemies in this challenge, these names are unofficial and assigned for ease of function.
Zote the Eternal.png
Zoteling the Mighty

Essentially the same as Zote in the Colosseum of Fools, but deals contact damage.

Initial Health: 200

After First Kill: 120

Kills to Spawn: 0

Winged Zoteling-Eternal.png
Winged Zoteling

Flies toward the Knight; slow turn-around. (Same behaviour as the ones spawned by Hidden Dreams Icon.png Grey Prince Zote.)

Health: 60

Kills to Spawn: 1

Hopping Zoteling-Eternal.png
Hopping Zoteling

Hops toward the Knight in a slow, tall arc. (Same behaviour as the ones spawned by Hidden Dreams Icon.png Grey Prince Zote.)

Health: 60

Kills to Spawn: 1

Heavy Zoteling.png
Heavy Zoteling

Leaps back and forth slowly in a tall arc. Wherever it lands, it creates a small shock-wave that covers a portion of the arena and quickly dissipates.

Health: 190

Kills to Spawn: 8-10

Turret Zoteling.png
Turret Zoteling

Dangles from the ceiling and shoots acid at the Knight; No contact damage. Will leave on its own after a while (which does not count as a kill).

Health: 100

Kills to Spawn: 15

Lanky Zoteling.png
Lanky Zoteling

Behaves exactly like Zote the Mighty, only with a taller hitbox and longer Nail reach.

Health: 150

Kills to Spawn: 20

Head of Zote.png
Head of Zote

Falls from the ceiling, creating a large shock-wave which covers the entire arena, and remains immobile for a short while after. Nail strikes will not give SOUL; Will leave on its own after a while (which does not count as a kill).

The fall and the rise of the head can kill other Zotelings; these friendly fire deaths do add to the kill counter. Head of Zote will briefly appear at the ceiling before falling straight down.

Health: 200

Kills to Spawn: 25–30

Volatile Zoteling-Eternal.png
Volatile Zoteling

Appears in the air. Explodes on death or after a few seconds, dealing 2 masks of damage. (Same behaviour as the ones spawned by Hidden Dreams Icon.png Grey Prince Zote.)

This explosion can kill other Zotelings; these friendly fire deaths do add to the kill counter (though the self-destruct does not unless actively triggered by attacking it).

Health: 30

Kills to Spawn: 30

Fluke Zoteling.png
Fluke Zoteling

Bursts from the ground and flies upward leaving lingering blobs of acid in its wake. It will leave on its own as soon as it reaches the ceiling (which does not count as a kill).

Health: 100

Kills to Spawn: 35

Zote's Curse.png
Zote's Curse

Appears in the air. Floats around the arena and slowly drains SOUL from the player; Deals no contact damage.

Health: 100

Kills to Spawn: 40

Simultaneous Zotelings

The maximum number of Zotelings alive at any time increases with the number of kills.

Max Zotelings Kills
1 0 kills
2 1 kill
3 2 kills
4 15 kills
5 ~40 kills


  • Unbreakable Strength decreases the amount of hits required to kill Zoteling the Mighty from 6 to 4, and Winged Zoteling/Hopping Zoteling from 3 to 2, which is very valuable when the fight is starting to get messy. Be careful that the Knight will kill Volatile Zoteling (and subsequently make them explode) in a single hit.
  • Shaman Stone allows killing the Turret Zoteling, Fluke Zoteling and especially Zote's Curse in a single full blast of Abyss Shriek, unless they leave the attack before all of the damage is dealt.
  • Grubsong and Thorns of Agony convert damage taken into advantageous SOUL and damage, respectively. In a long and drawn-out fight like this one, they provide significant help with just 1 Notch each.
  • Longnail and Mark of Pride help against Zotelings with charge-like attacks, especially Zoteling the Mighty and Lanky Zoteling which each have a very fast flail attack.



  • The fifty-seven kills to unlock the Eternal Ordeal title screen is a reference to the fifty-seven precepts of Zote.
  • Zote's Curse resembles Salubra's Blessing; however, it drains SOUL instead of regenerating it.
  • The 57 precepts are represented by the lore tablets behind the Zote statue that is the entrance to the Eternal Ordeal.
  • The Eternal Ordeal statue has a cut description of:
"Intruder amongst the gods of Hallownest"

Eternal Ordeal statue in level editor

  • By shifting the statue sprite around after loading the level in Unity, cut content can be found: what appears to be a selector for a "mode" (Attuned, Ascended, Radiant) and a switch that allows for changing bosses between dream variants.
  • Killing Zote at the beginning of the Eternal Ordeal unlocks his Journal entry. However, killing Winged, Hopping and Volatile Zotelings during this encounter will not unlock their entries.
  • There is a glitch where if a Heavy Zoteling leaps against a wall, it will immediately create shockwaves from the point where it jumped.

    Flukenest glitch. Notice the kill count instantly leap from 4 to 19

  • There is currently a glitch where if the Knight finishes off any Zoteling with the Flukenest spell, the kill count will increase by the number of flukes the Zoteling was hit by.
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