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The Elegant Key is an Item in Hollow Knight.


Opens the locked door that holds the Shade Soul Spell in Soul Sanctum, in the City of Tears. Inside is a Soul Warrior that continuously spawns Follies.

How to Acquire

Purchased from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo.png 800 after giving him the Shopkeeper's Key.

  • Shop description:
An explorer found this fancy key floating in the waterways of the city far below us. I've not cleaned it.


Unknown Key-2.png
  • An early version of the Elegant Key was possibly the "Mysterious Key" seen in one of the early trailers, whose sprite can still be found in the game files. It had almost the same shop description as the Elegant Key:
A scavenger found it floating with the refuse of the Waterways. It's a grimy old thing and I'm not really interested in other people's secrets. Sure, you can buy it if you like, but I won't guarantee it will lead you anywhere pleasant...