Defensive charm once wielded by a tribe that could shape dreams.

Conjures a shield that follows the bearer and attempts to protect them.


The shield slowly rotates around The Knight, blocking certain projectiles and dealing damage to enemies.

Whenever the shield touches an enemy, it will deal damage equal to x1.00 of Nail damage. Once this happens, the shield will break and take time to reform.

Attacking with the nail will cause the shield to bash outward.

Focusing will cause the Shield to rotate even faster and accelerates the shield recovery.


Dreamshield will only block some projectiles. Blocked projectiles vanish when hitting the shield. Piercing projectiles are unaffected by the shield.



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An exception to both these categories are the "Homing light orbs" (The Radiance, Godmaster Icon Absolute Radiance), as they are able to be blocked a short duration after spawning but after ~3 seconds they become piercing instead

How to Acquire

Found in a room in Resting Grounds, below the Seer's room.

 Charm Interactions

Dream Wielder

Dream Wielder

When used together, it makes the shield 15% larger and will regenerate quicker.


Location Dreamshield
  • The pedestal where the charm is found can be hit with the Dream Nail. The dialogue reads:
"Protect yourself... You are our last..."
This, combined with the charm description, implies that the moth tribe intended to give this charm to the Seer as they were dying out.
  • Markoth, who is a moth, wields a similar ability to the Dreamshield, though his can be manipulated much more than the Knight's.
  • The Dreamshield can damage Crystal Crawlers.
  • A tink sound is played whenever the Dreamshield passes over a piece of Geo.