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Dreamgate is an Ability in Hollow Knight. It allows the Knight to place a warp point and then travel to it.


Allows the Knight to place a Dreamgate at a location, then warp to it from anywhere. Only one Dreamgate can be placed at any time, and placing a new gate removes the previous one. Warping consumes 1 Essence. A Dreamgate can be warped to indefinitely, as long as the Knight has enough Essence.

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Once set, an icon appears on the map, showing the location of the Dreamgate.

How to Acquire

The Dreamgate is acquired in the Resting Grounds by talking to the Seer after having acquired 900 Essence.

  • If a save file exists from before the Hidden Dreams update after the Seer has already left, Dreamgate is automatically acquired upon loading the save.


  • When warping out from a dream, the Knight wakes up at the point they entered the dream, instead of the Dreamgate. This does not consume any Essence.
    • Similarly, activating the Dreamgate during any of the fights in the Godmaster Icon.png Hall of Gods or while in a Godmaster Icon.png Pantheon causes the Knight to wake up in front of the respective statue/entrance.
  • Using the Dreamgate destroys the Delicate Flower.
  • The Dreamgate cannot be used to place a gate while inside the Temple of the Black Egg, the Pleasure House, the Colosseum of Fools, Godmaster Icon.png Godhome, the White Palace, a Tram, a functional lift shaft, the building which the White Lady resides in, or the Cast-Off Shell. The Dream Nail also cannot be used to warp to an existing gate while inside the White Palace, a Tram, a functional lift shaft, or the Cast-Off Shell.
  • Setting a Dreamgate takes 1.4 seconds (0.4 sec between Dream Nail start and Dream Set start, and 1 sec between Dream Set start and Dream Set finish), and Warping to a Dreamgate takes 2.25 seconds (0.25 sec between Dream Nail start and Dream Warp start, 2 sec between Dream Warp start and Dream Warp finish). The Dream Wielder Charm does not affect this charge speed.