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The dream realm is the space between body and soul.[1] It contains the eternal dreams and memories of beings.[2][3] Sometime in the past, the nightmare realm was split from the main dream realm.[4]

Essence are the fragments of light that dreams are made of.[5] The Radiance, a higher being who is brighter than Essence,[6] likely holds the most power over the dream realm. Her descendants, the moth tribe, have the power to shape dreams.[7] They possess the Dream Nail as well, which can cut through the veil that separates the waking world from the dream realm.[8]

Dreams can take root as Whispering Roots,[9] but they can also take the shape of those who have passed away, such as Ghosts.[10] Furthermore, dreams can form based on memories.[11] There are several dreams that The Knight can access in the dream realm.

Another type of Essence, Nightmare Essence, or "flame", is unique to the Nightmare Realm and their Troupe.[12] This type of Essence manifests itself into flames which are gathered for the ritual.[13]

Forgotten Dream

A light pink hued dream filled with floating platforms, lamps and metal dream catchers. At the end of this dream is a Moth statue along with the Dream Nail.

A dream described by the Seer as a sad, forgotten dream.[14] It is used by the Dreamers to trap the Knight in as to halt their journey to break the seals.[15] The Knight escapes this dream after receiving the Dream Nail from the Seer.

Forgotten Dream.png

Shrine of Believers

A vibrant cobalt-hued dream with similar thematic pieces as the Forgotten Dream, the most notable part of this dream is the massive building it houses.

A dream which contains utterings from another world.[16] It is connected to a Moth statue in Spirits' Glade. The Unnamed Moth is also found in this dream and maybe the Moth depicted in the connected Moth statue.

Shrine Dream.png

Failed Champion

A dream tinted with shades of light blue and with similar themes to the Forgotten Dream.

A dream formed after False Knight was defeated. It takes place in a dream version of the area of the Forgotten Crossroads where False Knight is encountered. A stronger variant of this boss, Failed Champion, is found here.

Champion Dream.png

Lost Kin

A pale yellow dream mixed with greys. It has similar themes to the Forgotten Dream but some aspects are desaturated.

This dream formed after the Broken Vessel is defeated. It takes place in a constructed area of regular Hallownest architecture, unlike where the Broken Vessel is defeated in the Ancient Basin. The dream version of Broken Vessel, Lost Kin is fought in this dream.

Kin Dream.png

Soul Tyrant

A deep purple-hued dream with similar themes to the Forgotten Dream.

This dream is formed after the Soul Master died. It contains the area of Soul Sanctum where Soul Master is fought. Soul Tyrant, a more difficult version of Soul Master, can be fought here.

Tyrant Dream.png

White Palace

A bright pale white dream it consists of a series of difficult platforming sections and has motifs very unique to that of the Pale King - being his palace.

While the White Palace has completely disappeared in the waking world,[17] it can be visited in this dream after obtaining the Awoken Dream Nail. It is unknown whether White Palace was transported to the dream realm entirely or whether this is just a memory. However, a death in the White Palace is considered a physical death, making it different from other dreams. The corpse of the Pale King can be found here on his throne along with a separate incarnation of him within a memory at the end of Path of Pain.

Palace Dream.png

Dreamers Stage 1

A dream which shares designs with the other Dreamer Dream stages and the Radiance Dream. This first stage has an inky black sky.

The dream of the first encounter with the first Dreamer. This dream is where the consciousness[18] of the Dreamers resides in order to uphold the Dreamer Seals on the entrance of the Temple of the Black Egg.[19] Killing the Dreamer here will break the corresponding seal on the entrance of Black Egg.

Dreamer Dream 1.png

Dreamers Stage 2

A dream which shares designs with the other Dreamer Dream stages and the Radiance Dream. The second stage has hints of bright amber peeking out from just behind the clouds in an otherwise dark sky.

The dream of the second encounter with a Dreamer.

Dreamer Dream 3.png

Dreamers Stage 3

A dream which shares designs with the other Dreamer Dream stages and the Radiance Dream. The third stage has yellow and ambers flooding out into the sky resembling dawn.

The dream of the last encounter with a Dreamer.

Dreamer Dream 2.png


A dream which shares designs with the other Dreamer Dream stages. In succession from the Dreamer Dreams which simulate a sunrise, this dream is bright yellow and amber-hued accompanied by a Sun in the background representing day.

This dream is connected to the Hollow Knight and is used to seal the Radiance[20] and prevent her from influencing bugs.[21] Even though she is trapped here, she can still affect the dreams of bugs due to the Hollow Knight being impure.[22] This dream is connected to the Dreamer dreams as with each Dreamer killed the sky glows brighter and brighter until the "Sun" or the Radiance appears in the background. A death in this dream is also considered physical.

Radiance Dream.png

Hidden Dreams

These dreams are slightly different from others in that their Bosses can be refought multiple times, getting stronger with each defeat, before causing events to happen in the world that would seal them off forever.

Hidden Dreams Icon.png White Defender

A bright grey dream featuring a style very reminiscent of the White Palace. The silhouettes of the Five Great Knights accompanying the Pale King on his throne can be seen in the background

A dream which can be accessed by using the dream nail on Dung Defender while he is sleeping. This is a dream or memory of Ogrim's past when he was still in the Pale Court with the other Great Knights.[23] It takes place in his memory of White Palace. White Defender, a past version of Ogrim, is fought here.

Defender Dream.png

Hidden Dreams Icon.png Grey Prince Zote

A vibrant magenta themed dream with paintings of Zote, pillows, and bunches of roses. Bretta and more Zotes can be seen in the background spectating.

This dream came into being due to Bretta's idealization of Zote.[24] It is connected to a statue of Zote in Bretta's basement. This is where Grey Prince Zote is fought, and defeating him here four times will cause Bretta to realise that her view of Zote was misguided.

Zote Dream.png

Other Dreams

These are dreams with other peculiar attributes that set them apart from normal dreams. Some may also not be yet considered a proper dream state.


Bright blue-hued and full of Lifeblood plants, this dream comes from an offshoot in The Abyss. Being so it has the general physical compositions of the Abyss, but with blue Lifeblood elements overlayed.

The Dream Nail is not needed to enter this dream, however, it does take place in the dream realm as it has dream particles and clouds at the bottom. The Abyss Creature may be somewhat responsible for this dream, as its appearance in Godhome further ties its connections with dreams. Dying in this dream counts as a real death.

The Knight wakes up outside the entrance to this dream if they fall into the clouds or once they pick up Lifeblood Core.

Lifeblood Dream.png

Grimm Troupe Icon.png Nightmare

Deep scarlet, it starts off resembling Grimm's tent, but slowly turns into an arena made of patchwork pieces with lanterns and pulsing patchwork veins. Grimmkin Nightmares can be found in the background.

This dream is the location where Nightmare King Grimm is fought. It takes place in the Nightmare Realm, separate from the rest of the dream realm.[4] It can be accessed by using the dream nail on Grimm while he is sleeping. The Nightmare's Heart is the deepest power of the Nightmare Realm.[25]


Godmaster Icon.png Godhome

A pale golden yellow dream with floral patterned architecture and strange antenna positioned at the peak. Corinthian style Greek pillars can also be found in the background and as platforms.

This is the dream in which the Godseekers attune themselves to all the gods of Hallownest in order to find the God of Gods.[26] It contains numerous Godseekers, although in the Junk Pit there is only one. The physical Godseeker is the host of Godhome.

Godseeker Dream.png


A deep green coloured dream with acid pools and Greenpath Lore Tablets lining a wall. The aesthetics resemble the Lake of Unn, and Unn herself can be seen as a sleeping mass in the background.

This dream, although never truly entered at any point in the Knight's journey, is mentioned many times. Unn created the Mosskin[27] and the vegetation of Greenpath from this dream.[28] The full details of Unn's dream are not clear, but in the Pantheon of Hallownest there is a section with unique green dream particles; whether this is a fragment of Unn's dream (similar to the Nightmare Realm being in Godhome) is unknown.

Unn Dream.png



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