Divine is a member of the Grimm Troupe. Her primary role is allowing the player to upgrade Fragile Charms to their Unbreakable counterparts.

She arrives in Dirtmouth along with the rest of the Troupe with the lighting of the Nightmare Lantern. She resides in a smaller tent to the left of the main one. Should the player undergo the Banishment ending and destroy the Nightmare Lantern, Divine will disappear with the Troupe, leaving any currently-eaten charm where her tent was. However, she will only disappear upon the defeat of Nightmare King Grimm if the player has already upgraded all three Fragile Charms.

Divine acts as a late-game Geo sink. Compared to other Merchants, her offers are the most expensive. All of her exchanges put together total Geo‍36000, which is an amount that a player is unlikely to accumulate over the course of a casual run. While the cost of her services are extreme, so is the payoff. The Fragile Charms carry some of the most powerful passive effects in the game, and removing their "on death" stipulation allows them to be used much more freely.

In order to perform an exchange, the player must have one of the Fragile Charms equipped. After speaking to Divine, she will request the charm be given to her. If given, she will eat the charm. By continually talking to her, Divine will eventually request Geo. If paid the requested amount, she will excrete the Unbreakable variant of the previously ingested charm.

If the Knight goes to Leg Eater after upgrading all of the Fragile Charms to their Unbreakable variants while also having one of them equipped, he will say that he "smells" her and talks about going above ground to find her. After this, The Knight can go back up to talk to Divine where she will say that she knows Leg Eater is coming. Once The Knight leaves Dirtmouth once before returning to Divine, Leg Eater's dismembered claws will be seen on the floor in front of her. After this point, Leg Eater is never seen again. This implies that Divine ate him since she also eats the Fragile Charms, which carry Leg Eater's scent.



First Encounter


Did you call us? You called us, and we came. We came!

You don't look scared. Why did you call us? Ahhh. It doesn't matter. Don't tell me. We came, and I can smell something. Something deep below us. I want it... I want it!

Lifeblood Icon Talking while wearing Defender's Crest

Ahhh, that smell! So strong, so virile, but not the odour that calls to me.

I crave a different smell. Precious. Sensitive... Fragile. Ahh! Bring it. Wear it!

Having any Fragile Charm in inventory but none equipped

That smell! Eeuuarrggh! You're hiding something very nice from me, aren't you? Shouldn't hide something so nice!

Show me... show me! Put it on! Quickly!

Having any Fragile Charm equipped


That charm... beautiful! Most precious thing! Little lovely, will you let me see it? Have to show it to me!

Refusing to give Charm

Eeuuarrggh! Why?!

Little lovely, don't do nasty things. Don't be cruel. Show it to me! That beautiful thing was made for me... I can smell it!

Giving Charm

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhh!

Such a little beauty! Such a smell... such a smell!

Ahhh! So good! So tasty! A perfect, perfect thing, just for me! Ahhhhhh!

Talking after eating Charm

Beautiful, delicious... Ahhhhhh!

You're good, little lovely. You're very sweet, to bring me such a gift!

The one who made my gift... Aahhh, somewhere below? Yes?

Very good gift. Very tasty! Delicious!

Do you want something, little lovely? You don't want to take my gift back, do you?

Eeuuarrggh! So nasty, so cruel, if that's true! Once you give something as a gift it's lost to you forever!

A gift? For you? So greedy!

But... I can show you something if you're nice to me, little lovely. Will you do a nice thing, lovely?

Give them to me... your Geo. Give me your Geo and I'll give you a gift.

Refusing to give Geo

Eeuuarrggh! Refuse me, then!

Talking again after refusing

You want a gift. Greedy! Give me Geo and you will get a gift...

Not enough Geo

No Geo... why? Why don't you have enough Geo?

After obtaining all three Unbreakable Charms

Ahhhhh. Such beautiful, special gifts. So lovely!

I'm ready now. Very ready!

My smell... you'll carry it with you, then?

After Nightmare King Grimm has been defeated

Ahhh! Then the ritual is complete? And the Master has... moved on? Has he? Perhaps, not?

Ahhh, but more for me. Still more I can do. Gifts, so lovely! Aaaahh. Master would understand.

After obtaining all Unbreakable Charms and after talking to Leg Eater

One final gift! Ahhhhhhhh!

I liked it very much. Very, very good. So good!

Eaaauuurrgggh!! Eaauurggh! Now, I can follow Master...

Talking again

Enough. It's all enough. I'm very happy now.

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Now, I can follow Master...

Dream Nailed

Shadow and fire will dance together so prettily, I think...

Dream Nailed after eating Leg Eater

The most exquisite things I've ever experienced! Ahhhhh!

I'll take them with me... precious, precious memories of you!

Precious tastes and smells!


  • Divine's Dream Nail dialogue: "Shadow and Fire will dance so prettily, I think..." may be referring to the fight between the player and Grimm. As the Knight represents the shadow; being from Void, and Grimm representing the scarlet fire.
  • Due to how the Banishment ending works, the unbreakable charms are permanently unobtainable if the player decides to banish the troupe.
  • If Divine has a Charm currently consumed when she is banished, then it will be left on the ground when returning to Dirtmouth.
  • When Divine eats a Charm, it subtracts one Charm for the purposes of Salubra's shop and a respective completion percentage.