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These NPCs do not have an official name and go by "Royal" or "Fake" in files
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We are friends. Welcome. Sit and rest.
-Distant Villagers
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The Distant Villagers are NPCs in Hollow Knight. They attempt to get the Knight to sit on the first Bench in Beast's Den.

In-game events

The Distant Villagers are found in the entrance room to the Beast's Den in the Distant Village of Deepnest.

They can be listened to and will all soothingly try to convince the Knight to sit on the bench in the middle of the room. However, after the Knight sits on it, they are then stuck there by webs, whereas all the Distant Villagers will converge upon the bench causing the music to distort and the screen to fade black. After a series of violent sound effects and a loud roar, the Knight is then transported into Beast's Den.

After the Knight has been transported into Beast's Den or when Herrah has been defeated, the Distant Villagers abandon their cloaks and shells and are never seen again.


In Beast's Den From left to right:
  • Greetings. You are very tired. Sit and rest.
  • We are friends. Welcome. Sit and rest.
  • Please sit and rest.
  • It is warm and safe. Sit and rest.
  • Welcome. You need rest. Sit and rest.



  • They cannot be Dream Nailed.
  • In the other cocoon of Distant Village there is a wrapped-up mound of husks that when Dream Nailed will give warning and foreshadow of the Distant Villagers:
"...They lied..."
"...Not friends..."
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