The Delicate Flower is an Item in Hollow Knight. It can be given to various NPCs.


The flowers originate from outside of Hallownest from a place known as "lands serene".[1] They were brought to the kingdom by the great knight Ze'mer, who is now the Grey Mourner.[1] The delicate flowers are rare, sacred objects which have a pure aura.[2][3] They glow faintly with pale light.[4]

There is a rare power hidden in their fragile petals.[1] When a flower come in contact with Void, it causes both the bug holding the flower and the Void to disappear. The flower remains behind, only slightly tinged by Void.[5] Godmaster Icon.png Godseeker wonders if the flowers are splinters of something greater, but is unable to figure out whether this is true, as she cannot detect a resonance from it.[6]


Given by the Grey Mourner, to be delivered onto the grave of the Traitors' Child in the Queen's Gardens. Successfully completing this quest by taking the undamaged flower to the Traitors' Child's grave and then returning to Grey Mourner rewards a Mask Shard.

If failed, either by destroying the flower or giving it to an NPC, the quest can be attempted again by accepting another flower from the Grey Mourner.

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When the flower is given to Godseeker in the Junk Pit, a new ending is unlocked.

Delivering the Flower to the grave

Isma's Tear or Shade Cloak is needed to access the Queen's Gardens. Before accepting the flower, it is recommended to go to the Queen's Gardens and unlock the shortcut in the room twice to the right of the one containing the Traitors’ Child's grave. This is because the path to the grave of the Traitors’ Child is located in the same room as the entrance of the said station. If the shortcut is unlocked, the Knight will have to face only one Mantis Petra in the Gardens on the way to the grave. If not, it is a very long way fraught with difficult platforming and powerful enemies, which are almost guaranteed to destroy the flower.

It is a good idea to do this quest before the Forgotten Crossroads becomes Infected, as the Furious Vengeflies are extremely fast and aggressive. This will limit the movement options since it is impossible to get the Monarch Wings without triggering the Crossroads to become Infected. However, on the optimal route, the only threatening enemies faced will be one single Mantis Petra and a few Spiny Husks. It is recommended to have at least the Great Slash, a Coiled Nail and Fragile Strength for dealing with those.


Delicate Flower Quest Hollow Knight

Setting a Hidden Dreams Icon.png Dreamgate at the Grey Mourner's bench makes it possible to return quickly if the flower breaks.

If the Crossroads are already Infected, it is recommended then to wait to have a Pure Nail and use the Grubberfly's Elegy in combination with Quick Slash and Fragile Strength. An easier yet longer way to reach the grave is to go through the City of Tears, Fungal Wastes then Fog Canyon.

Having Kingsoul allows The Knight to cast Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul at any time, which can be used to pick off enemies without having to get close.

One good route is to leave the Resting Grounds through the Blue Lake and into the Forgotten Crossroads. Once there, head towards the room to the bottom left of the map, the one with the acid pool. Dive into the acid and take the shortcut to Fog Canyon, then head into the Queen's Gardens. Ooma and Uoma are very passive, making the trek fairly easy to do without being damaged as long as there is no collision with anything on the way down through the vertical shaft. In the Queen's Gardens, take the shortcut towards the Stag Station. There are three spiky sections in the corridor that leads to the grave.

The grave can also be approached from Fog Canyon through the Fungal Wastes, as showcased here.

For those who struggle with combat, the easiest but most time-consuming method is to pick a route from the grave to the Grey Mourner and kill everything along the way without using a bench to save or heal. Some enemies like Furious Vengeflies and Mantis Petra do not respawn until the Knight sits on a bench. When carrying the flower to the grave, the Knight will only need to worry about environmental hazards and weaker enemies such as Aspid Hunters, Mossflies, and Uoma as long as a bench has not been used.

Using Sharp Shadow will help at the passage before the Traitors' Child's grave. The extra distance will help to get over the first jump. Alternatively, in the last jump, clinging to the wall with the Mantis Claw and then using Crystal Heart is a good idea to cross that jump, due to the amount of timing it needs to be dashed across with the Mothwing Cloak or Shade Cloak.

Recommended path to the grave
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Additional flowers can be acquired after the quest is completed, allowing flowers to be given to other recipients once the Grey Mourner has departed. These can be found growing near the grave where the original flower was delivered. The Delicate Flower taken from the grave comes with a new description:

Taken from the Queen's Gardens. It glows faintly with pale light.
The flower is very fragile and will be destroyed if you take damage or ride the Stagways.

List of Ways to Destroy the Flower

List of Possible Recipients

Godmaster Icon.png Additionally, it is possible to offer a flower to Eternal Emilitia and the White Lady, though they will both decline the offer.


Achievement Solace.png Solace
Bring peace to the Grey Mourner



  • Blocking a hit with Baldur Shell equipped does not destroy the Delicate Flower, but avoiding damage with Grimm Troupe Icon.png Carefree Melody does.
  • Taking damage with the flower in the inventory lets out a burst of petals in a unique hit animation.
  • While riding the Stagways will break the flower, riding the Trams will not.
  • Accepting the flower will automatically set the Knight's save point to the Bench outside the Grey Mansion.
    • Godmaster Icon.png Taking the flower from the Queen's Gardens does not automatically set the bench. This can be used to teleport to any bench with the flower, making it much easier to deliver it to a location.


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