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Defender's Crest is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It spawns damaging clouds around the Knight.


The clouds are not very powerful and have very little range, making it situational. Useful when fleeing enemies, as the clouds linger behind the Knight and damage pursuing enemies. It can be very useful during both the Broken Vessel and Lost Kin fights since the cloud can kill the Infected Balloons with one damage, so the Knight can focus on the boss and gain precious healing time. It also damages Oomas, triggering their explosion. As such, it is best to use caution when traversing Fog Canyon with this Charm equipped.

Costing only one Notch, it is most effective when used with one of the other charms listed below, as it greatly increases their power.

Wearing Defender's Crest unlocks extra dialogue with Elderbug, White Lady, Relic Seeker Lemm, Dung Defender, Leg Eater, Tuk, and Divine. Additionally, it unlocks the following interactions:

  • Leg Eater gives a 20% discount on his items and repairs
  • Relic Seeker Lemm refuses to barter
  • Tuk gives a free Rancid Egg

How to Acquire

Reward from defeating Dung Defender in the Royal Waterways.

Unlocked dialogue

Defender's Crest dialogue
Elderbug Can you... smell something? There's suddenly a horrid stench in the air.
I swear, the town usually smells much nicer than this. Please accept my humble apology!
Divine Ahhh, that smell! So strong, so virile, but not the odour that calls to me.
I crave a different smell. Precious. Sensitive... Fragile. Ahh! Bring it. Wear it!
Dung Defender Ahh, you exude the proud odour of the just. Truly, a mighty Knight you are.
Relic Seeker Lemm Urgh! What do you think you're doing, coming into my nice little shop stinking like that?

These relics have been through enough. They don't need you spreading your stench all over them! Crawl back to the Waterways or wherever you came from!

Leg Eater Eeeauuggh! That smell you carry with you...

Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh!
...Very tasty!
You're sweet... to share such a tasty smell with me. Do you want a gift in return?
Cheaper... Yes. My beautiful gifts... I'll give them to you. Cheaper.

Tuk Mmnnnnggghhh...? Your smell... Are you a friend, too? If you're a friend, I'll share my food with you. When you see him again, our friend... tell him thank you. For helping me.
White Lady ...That scent. Does another travel with you? Is that you Ogrim, my mighty Knight?

I cannot see you, but then time has clouded my eyes and I cannot see much. Even your booming voice falls silent upon me.
Only this small one I register, if maybe because it shares some piece of myself. This one stands clear upon a misted world.
Ah.... But my my, that potent smell does recall such joyous memory. Only a short moment we had together, compared to ruin now endured, but what shining times they were.
I am grateful you would visit, even if to see me in somewhat faded form.
Dear Ogrim, I'm sure you saw Dryya on the way in? She's stood guard over me for so long.
Despite her hard front, she's always been a caring type. I'm sure she'll much enjoy a Knights' reunion.

Charm Synergies

Spore Shroom.png

Spore Shroom
Defender's Crest increases the damage of the spore cloud, now dealing 38-42 damage while still lasting 4.1 seconds. Also changes the visuals of the cloud.

Replaces the horde of Flukes with one massive volatile Fluke that deals 3 impact damage and explodes into a dung cloud that lasts 2.2 seconds and deals 20-23 damage (26-30 with Shaman Stone).
Glowing Womb.png

Glowing Womb
Lowers Hatchling contact damage by 5, adding it back in the form of a 1-second dung cloud that does 3-5 damage. Hatchlings spawned when Fury of the Fallen is active have their contact damage restored; the dung cloud damage is not affected.


  • Wearing Defender's Crest attracts small flying bugs when in the Pleasure House kitchen.
Charm Compendium
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Defender's Crest.png

Defender's Crest
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Spore Shroom
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