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Deep Docks is an early Area in Hollow Knight: Silksong that appears to be some sort of industrialized forge. True to its name it provides platforms and docks for lakes of lava. Scattered around the area are many metal carapaces that seem to be used as containers for hot coals also found in the area. Its main inhabitants are workers with bells on their heads.

A Lore Tablet found in the area seems to suggest that it was used for delivery of certain supplies: Smokerock and Sweetsmelt (along with a "Mark of Fealty" from "all workers") to another area.[1]




Points of Interest

  • 1 Flea
  • 1 Smokerock (Assumedly)
  • 1 Silk Spool
  • 2 Rosary Caches
  • 1 Shell Shard Cache
  • 2 Mask Pieces
  • 1 Rosary String
  • Dock Key
  • 1 Shard Pouch

Sub-area: Wild Songshrine

A small one-room sub-area that contains a massive bell strung up in silk, the silk can be torn off by striking at it. After which a lever rises up from the ground, hitting the lever activates a mechanism that winds the bell up before releasing it.

The bell rings 4 times; each time displaying a glowing seal over the bell and the fourth time showing a bigger seal that covers the whole room. In addition, there are 4 sets of candles in the room and with each ring of the great bell a set of candles lights up starting with the second from the left, the first from the left, the fourth from the left and finally the third from the left.

After this event is over the lever sinks back into the ground and is replaced by a Bench.[1]