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Dash Slash is the Nail Art taught to the Knight by Nailmaster Oro. By holding ATTACK until fully charged, then releasing while dashing with Mothwing Cloak or the Shade Cloak, the Knight releases a long-ranged melee attack at the end of the dash, extending far in front of them as well as roughly two-thirds as far behind them.

While being hit by an enemy during the dash animation cancels the attack, it is possible to execute a Dash Slash when using the Shade Cloak to dash through an enemy, striking the enemy with the backward hitbox of the Nail Art. In conjunction with the Sharp Shadow, Dashmaster, and Nailmaster's Glory Charms (filling a total of 5 Notches), a Dash Slash executed through the enemy can deal a combined total of 4x (1.5x+2.5x) Nail damage in <2 seconds.

How To Perform

Hold ATTACK until fully charged, then release during the execution of a DASH. Deals 2.5 x Nail damage.

Damage Values

Exclamation Mark

Dash Slash damage is not affected by Fragile Strength/Grimm Troupe content Unbreakable Strength. Its range is also not affected by Mark of Pride or Longnail.

Nail Damage Fury of the Fallen Damage
Old Nail 12 22
Sharpened Nail 22 39
Channelled Nail 32 57
Coiled Nail 42 74
Pure Nail 52 92

How To Acquire

Nailmaster Oro resides in Kingdom's Edge. The Nail Art can be purchased for alt=Steel Soul Jinn is a Merchant in Hollow Knight. She only appears in Steel Soul Mode, replacing Confessor Jiji. Jinn resides in the locked cavern by the base of Crystal Peak in Dirtmouth, where she has been sleeping. She has unseen masters who do not seek order. Jinn speaks in rhythm and claims to be too young to tell anything about herself beside her purpose of providing and trading. Her metallic body cannot take damage, although she still reacts to strikes at her. Steel Soul Jinn replaces Jiji in Steel Soul Mode, as the difficulty mode's permanent death makes Jiji's service useless. She is disgusted by Rancid Eggs, but will still buy them for Geo 290-449 each, as a favor to a friend which she claims appreciates them. This is also an excuse for her to get rid of the Geo she accumulated after helping or hurting other creatures, despite not wanting any. Steel Soul Jinn is located on the very east side of Dirtmouth, within a cave that requires a Simple Key to open. The friend she mentions who likes Rancid Eggs is most likely Confessor Jiji, who is willing to offer her services for them. Jinn is one of the few NPCs who can be "hit" with the Nail without taking damage. An upcoming enemy revealed in the Hollow Knight: Silksong trailer bears a striking similarity to Jinn. It is also a companion to Steel Assassin Sharpe furthering some sort of motif of "steel" between the characters. Jinn is mistakenly referred to as male in some translations of the game. 800.

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