Cyclone Slash is the Nail Art taught to the Knight by Nailmaster Mato. By holding ATTACK until fully charged, then releasing while holding UP or DOWN, the Knight performs a multi-hit spinning attack. The Nail Art will be executed for a longer amount of time if ATTACK is pressed repeatedly during the attack.

If used in the air, the Knight's falling speed is slowed dramatically when mashing ATTACK, making it possible to deal substantial damage to aerial targets without spells. However, if used in the air without mashing, the Knight's falling speed is rapidly increased to terminal velocity, making Cyclone Slash the swiftest possible falling method available.

Depending on how long ATTACK is mashed after releasing, Cyclone Slash will attack 3-7 times. When at least 6 hits connect using the Coiled Nail (5, with the Pure Nail), Cyclone Strike is the single most powerful attack in the game. Most enemies, however, will be knocked away from the Knight before every hit can connect, although the Knight can still freely move left and right during the attack.

If this is the only Nail Art that has been learned, UP/DOWN does not need to be pressed to execute this ability. Nail Arts are not enhanced by range-boosting charms, such as Mark of Pride.

How To Perform

Hold ATTACK + UP/DOWN until fully charged, then release ATTACK. Deals 1.25 x Nail damage/hit.

Damage Values

Exclamation Mark
Cyclone Slash damage is not affected by Fragile Strength or Fury of the Fallen.
Nail Damage Per Hit Total Damage (3-7 hits)
Old Nail 6 18-42
Sharpened Nail 11 33-77
Channelled Nail 16 48-112
Coiled Nail 21 63-147
Pure Nail 26 78-182


Nailmaster Mato resides in the Howling Cliffs.

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