Cyclone Slash is the Nail Art taught to the Knight by Nailmaster Mato. By holding ATTACK until fully charged, then releasing it while holding UP or DOWN, the Knight spins around like a cyclone while continuously attacking in their vicinity.

The attack consists of two phases. The first phase lasts about 0.45 seconds, during which the Knight performs a total of 3 hits. During the second phase, ATTACK can be repeatedly pressed to lengthen Cyclone Slash’s duration by up to 1.2 extra seconds, adding four more hits for a total of seven. Each hit deals 1.25x Nail damage, pushing foes back in the process. While mashing ATTACK, the Knight's movement speed is greatly reduced. Similarly, if used in the air, the Knight falls much slower. While performing this attack, the Knight cannot perform any actions, aside from moving left and right, until the Nail Art is finished. Taking damage cancels the Nail Art immediately.

The multi-hit spinning attack effectively covers both sides of the Knight. Furthermore, the continuous slashes are able to deflect certain projectiles and halt the charge attacks of many enemies (e.g. Squits and Baldurs). Because of this, Cyclone Slash is extremely effective against large swarms of foes, constantly dealing damage and pushing them back to prevent the Knight from being overwhelmed. Because of the attack’s ability to drastically reduce the Knight’s falling speed, it can be used against flying foes. However, in most cases, Great Slash is preferable.

The long duration of Cyclone Slash, coupled with the drastic movement speed reduction, results in a long duration of time in which the Knight is vulnerable to attack. Foes that are unable to be pushed back, or those whose projectiles cannot be deflected, can take advantage of the window of opportunity to inflict damage on the Knight. Furthermore, agile or light enemies can easily move out of Cyclone Slash’s range, resulting in sub-optimal damage.

How To Perform

Hold ATTACK + UP/DOWN until fully charged, then release ATTACK without dashing. Repeatedly pressing ATTACK extends the duration. Deals 1.25 x Nail damage/hit.

If this is the only Nail Art that has been learned, the ability executes regardless of direction or whether the Knight is dashing.

Damage Values

Exclamation Mark.png
Cyclone Slash damage is not affected by Fragile Strength/Grimm Troupe Icon.png Unbreakable Strength or Fury of the Fallen. Its range is also not affected by Mark of Pride or Longnail.
Nail Damage Per Hit Total Damage (3-7 hits)
Old Nail 6 18-42
Sharpened Nail 11 33-77
Channelled Nail 16 48-112
Coiled Nail 21 63-147
Pure Nail 26 78-182

How To Acquire

Cyclone Slash is taught by Nailmaster Mato who resides in the Howling Cliffs.

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