Timid scavenger that crawls through the caverns looking for food.

Dull and pathetic. Hardly worth killing.

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Crawlids are enemies in Hollow Knight. They scurry around on the ground in search of food.[1][2] It is the first enemy encountered in the game and very easy to deal with.

Behaviour and Tactics

Meanders back and forth peacefully and doesn't attempt to target the Knight. Cannot climb up walls or ceilings.

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  • ...Light...Danger...
  • ...Safe...Dark...
  • ...Hungry...Hungry...
  • ...Scared...
  • ...Eat...When...
  • ...Kill...Hurt...
  • ...Away. Away...
  • ...Pain...


The Crawlids can be found mainly in the Forgotten Crossroads, as well as in the Howling Cliffs, King's Pass, and northeast part of Greenpath. One can be found at the top left corner of the Blue Lake.



  • The Hunter's Journal entry for the Crawlid will be automatically filled upon acquiring the Journal.
  • The Crawlid is one of the few enemies to respawn upon leaving and re-entering the room.
"Nothing more than a nuisance, these oblivious little scavengers wander about aimlessly looking for scraps of food."[3]

The Crawlid corpse when broken out of the jar

  • The design of the Crawlid prior to release featured a smooth shell with no spikes.
    • Its design was changed after feedback from internal and public playtests. These tests revealed that the old design did not make it clear that jumping on a Crawlid's back could deal contact damage.[4]
    • A dead Crawlid with a smooth shell can be seen in the Tower of Love, inside one of The Collector's jars.


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