Former member of Hallownest's high society. Although made aggressive by the force inside, old instincts still occasionally compel it to run from danger.

The fearful, cowardly nature of these Hallownest bugs persists even after death! It almost feels shameful to chase and cut them down.

Dialogue Bottom

Cowardly Husks are enemies in Hollow Knight. These reanimated bugs used to belong to Hallownest's high society, and their cowardly nature still persists after death.[1]

Behaviour and Tactics

Meanders back and forth. When disturbed, it either runs towards the Knight and deals contact damage or flees. If backed into a corner, either the edge of an area or against a solid wall, it may occasionally fall into pits and drown rather than run towards the Knight.

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence
  • Your smell...Poor...Kill you...
  • You want....My Geo?
  • This wealth...Mine...All mine...
  • ...Stay back...

  • long... (By Lurien)
  • ...I serve... (By Lurien)
  • ...I will watch over you... (By Lurien)
  • ...Master...light calls... (By Lurien)


They are located in the east part of the City of Tears, much like the Husk Dandy. There is one in the top of the Watcher's Spire.



  • The Cowardly Husk atop the Watcher's Spire appears to have been Lurien the Watcher's butler, given its unique Dream Nail dialogue and because it is called "WATCHERS_BUTLER" in the game files.


  1. Cowardly Husk Hunter's Journal entry: "Former member of Hallownest's high society." "The fearful, cowardly nature of these Hallownest bugs persists even after death!"
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