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Hollow Knight contains remappable controls for both the Keyboard and an Xbox or Dualshock 4 Controller. On the wiki, due to the multiple possible inputs and ability to remap said inputs, button/key prompts are referred to by their action rather than the name of the assigned button or key. This is a guide to the names of each input and its default mappings.

Name Use
Ds4 white.png
Nintendo Switch.png
JUMP Jump, bounce off walls with Mantis Claw, activate Monarch Wings while in mid-air
Keyboard White Z.png
360 A.png
PS4 X.png
Switch B.png
ATTACK Attack with the Nail, hold to charge Nail Arts
Keyboard White X.png
360 X.png
PS4 Square.png
Switch Y.png
FOCUS/CAST Cast Spells, hold to use Focus
Keyboard White A.png
360 B.png
PS4 Circle.png
Switch A.png
DREAM NAIL Hold to use Dream Nail or Dreamgate
Keyboard White D.png
360 Y.png
PS4 Triangle.png
Switch X.png
QUICK CAST Cast Spells
Keyboard White F.png
360 RB.png
PS4 R1.png
Switch RB.png
DASH Use Mothwing Cloak or Shade Cloak
Keyboard White C.png
360 RT.png
PS4 R2.png
Switch RT.png
PAUSE Pause the game to access menu options
Keyboard White Esc.png
360 Start Alt.png
PS4 Options.png
Switch Plus.png
INVENTORY Open the last viewed menu page (Inventory, Map, Hunter's Journal, or Charms)
Keyboard White I.png
360 Back Alt.png
PS4 Share.png
Switch Minus.png
SUPER DASH Hold to use the Crystal Heart
Keyboard White S.png
360 LT.png
PS4 L2.png
Switch LT.png
QUICK MAP Hold to view Area map, double-tap to view full Map
Keyboard White Tab.png
360 LB.png
PS4 L1.png
Switch LB.png
LOOK UP/DOWN Hold to view the area above or below the current field of view
Keyboard White Arrow Up.png
Keyboard White Arrow Down.png
360 Right Stick.png
PS4 Right Stick.png
Switch Right Stick.png
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT Move, navigate menus, aim Nail attacks, change Nail Art used, change Spell cast, activate or warp to a Dreamgate
Keyboard White Arrows.png
360 Left Stick.png
360 Dpad.png
PS4 Left Stick.png
PS4 Dpad.png
Switch Left Stick.png
Switch Dpad.png

All button images used under Creative Commons from Xelu on OpenGameArt.org

Dualshock 4 Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com