For lore information on the Grimm Troupe, a group in Hallownest, see: The Grimm Troupe (Lore)
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Light the Nightmare Lantern. Summon the Troupe. New Major Quest. New Boss Fights. New Charms. New Enemies. New Friends.
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The Grimm Troupe is the second of the three free content packs planned for Hollow Knight.[1] Its name and content were revealed on September 14th, 2017[2]. It was released on October 26th, 2017.[3]

This update added a new major quest with its own characters and bosses, new Charms and a new platforming challenge.

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How To Summon The Grimm Troupe

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In order to start the quest, the Knight must first travel to the Howling Cliffs and go through two breakable walls (marked by circles). Then find "The corpse of a large bug" by travelling to the end of a short corridor and through another small hidden gap to the room where it lies (marked with an arrow). Then after dream-nailing the corpse, the previous room must be returned to, where the torch should now be lit. By striking the brazier at the foot of the torch multiple times a small cutscene will trigger showcasing Nightmare Lantern Interlude. Afterwards, returning to Dirtmouth will show two tents that have appeared, with the larger one containing Grimm.

Finishing the ritual and using the Dream Nail on this corpse will give the line:"Master... my role... apart from you... apart from kin. It pains me so." Banishing the Grimm Troupe will cause the corpse to disappear.



The first ending is achieved if Brumm's offer is accepted to banish the Troupe from Hallownest. Brumm can be found in the Howling Cliffs where the giant torch was initially lit which summoned the Troupe. After speaking to Brumm he will then jab his staff violently into the brazier damaging it. The brazier then needs to be struck a couple more times until it breaks completely and the screen fades out. After waking up the Grimmchild charm will be gone along with the torch and the "Corpse of a large bug". Returning to Dirtmouth will show that the Troupe has been successfully banished and that there is a new face in town. Nymm, who had just shown up, looks suspiciously like Brumm and seems to have memories of the Troupe that he can't rid himself of. Talking with him will grant the Carefree Melody charm, and sitting on a bench will grant the Banishment achievement sealing this ending.


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If Brumm's offer is not accepted and instead three flames are delivered to Grimm, he can be found at the far right of his tent past the original arena. He will be in a bat-like sleeping position hanging from the ceiling and his body will pulse with an audible heartbeat. Using the Dream Nail on Grimm sends the Knight into Grimm's Nightmare where Nightmare King Grimm can be fought under the gaze of many Grimmkin Nightmares and The Nightmare's Heart. If he is defeated then he will appear amidst the Heart's middle eye whereas he will dissolve, releasing all the flame gathered before fading out. The Knight will then wake up on the ground outside of Dirtmouth where the big tent used to be. A fully upgraded Grimmchild marks the successful completion of the Grimm Troupe's Ritual. Despite the Grimmsteeds and the main tent disappearing, Divine will remain behind if not all three fragile charms have been made unbreakable.



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