Hollow Knight Silksong

Points of Interest (POIs) describe items and objects throughout Hallownest that can be collected or interacted with for different effects. The following list gives a short description of each type of POI and a map of where they can be found.

Name and Description Map
Wayward Compass

Equippable items that enhance the Knight's strength or provide extra abilities.


Green Dots represent NPCs that reward the player with a charm, by purchase or quest.

Geo Chest

Treasure chests that contain different amounts of Geo or sometimes even a Charm when struck with the Nail.

Chests locations
Geo Deposit
Geo Deposits

Breakable objects that drop small amounts of Geo.

Geo deposits locations

NPCs trapped in glass jars. After being freed, will return to the Grubfather, who will give rewards like Geo and various items.

Grub Map
Map Pin Springs
Hot Springs

Pools of water that slowly restore SOUL when stood in.

Lifeblood Cocoon
Lifeblood Cocoons

Sacs of blue liquid that spawn Lifeseeds when struck.

Mapshot HK Lifeseed
Lore Tablet
Lore Tablets

Readable tablets that contain Lore information.

HK Lore Tablet Locations
Vessel Fragment
Vessel Fragments

Items that upgrade the Knight's max SOUL.

Mask Shard
Mask Shards

Items that upgrade the Knight's max Health.

Mask shards locations
Pale Ore
Pale Ore

An item used to upgrade the Knight's Nail when given to the Nailsmith.

Rancid Egg
Rancid Eggs

Items found in living and dead Bluggsacs. Can be given to Confessor Jiji to summon the Knight's Shade (if one exists) or traded to Steel Soul Jinn for Geo in Steel Soul Mode.

Mapshot HK Bluggsac

Items left behind by the former residents of Hallownest... or those much older than that. Can be sold to Relic Seeker Lemm for Geo.

Shade Gate
Shade Gates

Gates made of Void found in various places throughout Hallownest. They can only be moved through using the Shade Cloak.

Soul Totem Large 3
Soul Totems

Statues that restore varying amounts of SOUL when struck with the Nail.

Soul totem locations
Whispering Root
Whispering Roots

A plant that releases balls of Essence when struck with the Dream Nail. Collecting all the essence in the room causes the plant to grow and reveal details about that area when hit again with the Dream Nail.

Whispering roots locations
Ghost shrines Xero
Warrior Graves

Graves, Shrines, and Corpses of bugs found in many locations. After the Dream Nail has been acquired, a Warrior Dream can be challenged at each grave for Essence.


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