For the in-game mechanic of "Lifeblood", see: Lifeblood Cocoon
Lifeblood Update

Lifeblood Icon Lifeblood is the third free content pack to Hollow Knight, following The Grimm Troupe on 26 October, 2017. It was officially released on 20 April, 2018, after a period in public beta. Lifeblood was originally arranged to be just a major update, but in all later instances and mentions it has been referred to as a content pack. It is followed by Godmaster released on the 23rd of August, 2018.

As it was not one of the three originally planned content packs, it did not release with a teaser. Lifeblood focused mainly on enhancing technical aspects of the game, bringing upgrades and optimizations of various kinds.

Content Added


Mapping Tools


  • Lifeblood menu style
  • Infected menu style
  • Void menu style
  • Steel Soul menu style


Main menu

  • Players became able to change the background of the title screen (Extras section). The menu styles include:
  1. Classic (Unlocked from start)
  2. Hidden Dreams (Hidden Dreams Icon Hidden Dreams update)
  3. Grimm Troupe (Grimm Troupe Icon The Grimm Troupe update)
  4. Lifeblood (Lifeblood update)
  5. Infected (Unlocked by beating The Hollow Knight)
  6. Void (Unlocked by beating The Radiance)
  7. Steel Soul (Unlocked by completing Steel Soul Mode, any ending)


Two more with the Godmaster Icon Godmaster update:
  1. Godmaster (Godmaster update)
  2. The Eternal Ordeal (Unlocked by getting 57 kills in The Eternal Ordeal)
And one last one with Voidheart Edition:
  1. Voidheart (Included in Voidheart Edition)
  • A changelog was added to the Extras section in the main menu, which includes information about every major version of the game
  • Blur quality can be changed through the Video menu

Visual Changes

  • The Hive area gained a complete visual redesign
  • The Zote statue implemented in the Hidden Dreams Icon Hidden Dreams update now only has four candles, but will still turn gold after ten defeats
  • Animation for travelling the stagways is longer and now able to be skipped


  • Parallax is a lot smoother and clearer
  • Using Crystal Heart Dash now gives off a flash of purple light (the animation may also be quicker)
  • Tram pass slots now have a glowing yellow light
  • Calling and riding the Tram now has a rippling overlay effect
  • New room transitions have been implemented
  • The Knight now has a new burst animation when taking damage
  • Damage taken from coming in contact with spikes triggers a unique burst animation
  • Damage taken that deals multiple masks now triggers a new burst animation
    • This animation can be seen when the Knight is killed
  • Dying in Steel Soul Mode has a unique animation
  • Decorative mushrooms in the foreground of Fungal Wastes now react to the Knight walking over them and let out a puff of spores
  • The arena for the Lost Kin loses saturation and is more greyscale
  • There are now three unique GIFs for loading screens: normal, dream and the Colosseum of Fools
  • New icon for getting an achievement
  • "Infected" blood physics and sprites have been modified
  • Modified effects for getting Shade Cloak
  • A red barrier now appears when the player uses a spell in the secret room in Grimm Troupe Icon Grimm's Tent

Enemy Changes


NPC Changes

  • The Dung Defender now has extra dialogue after the player beats the Hidden Dreams Icon White Defender five times
    • If the player encounters the new dialogue from the Dung Defender and then re-enters his home, a dung statue of the Knight can be found next to the others.
  • Grimm Troupe Icon Divine now has extra dialogue when the player talks to her while wearing the Defender's Crest (added for a misconception)


Charm Changes

  • Flukenest's damage has been nerfed and now costs 3 notches
  • Grimm Troupe Icon Weaversong's Weaverlings do more damage (up from 2 to 3) with a new attack animation and can stagger bosses
    • Weaversong and Grimm Troupe Icon Sprintmaster have a new interaction which causes the Weaverlings to move faster, wander a bit farther from the player and jump higher


    • Weaversong and Grubsong now have a new interaction which causes damaged Weaverlings to give the player soul
  • Joni's Blessing now only grants 40% + 1 more HP (down from 50% + 1).
  • Fury of the Fallen's activated effects has a new design and instead of a red circle highlighting the player, the player now emits a red smoke
  • New animation for when Grimm Troupe Icon Grimmchild attacks Millibelle

Audio Changes


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