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Hollow Knight Silksong

Objects collected throughout Hollow Knight that have varying properties. They can be viewed by pressing the INVENTORY key.


Items that unlock certain doors throughout Hallownest.

Simple Key.png
Simple Key

Cheaply manufactured from a common design. Can be used to open a range of simple locks. Flimsily made, it breaks after a single use.

Elegant Key.png
Elegant Key

Ornate key made from a glistening white metal. Bears the mark of Hallownest's Soul Sanctum and glows faintly in the dark.

Love Key.png
Love Key

Covered in padding, it bears a symbol of love.

Shopkeeper's Key.png
Shopkeeper's Key

Small brass key made in the likeness of a shopkeeper.

City Crest.png
City Crest

Stone slab bearing the crest of the Hallownest capital city. Has an insert on the back that would fit into a slot.

Kings Brand inventory.png
King's Brand

Marks the bearer as King. Hallownest's ancient places shall open before it.

Exploration and Quests

Items that are used for either quests or to make exploring Hallownest easier.

Tram Pass.png
Tram Pass

A lifetime pass to the tramways connecting parts of Hallownest. These passes cost a huge amount of Geo and each purchase required authorisation by the King.

Lumafly Lantern.png
Lumafly Lantern

Crystal lantern containing a Lumafly. Brightens dark caverns so wanderers can find their way.

Scroll Map Feather.png
Map and Quill

Map of Hallownest. When resting at a bench or elsewhere, the quill can be used to update the map with newly discovered areas.

Hunters journal.png
Hunter's Journal

A compendium of every enemy found in Hollow Knight, given to the Knight by the Hunter.

Hunters Mark.png
Hunter's Mark

The mark of a true Hunter.

Delicate Flower.png
Delicate / Ruined Flower

Given by the Grey Mourner in the Resting Grounds. She has asked for it to be placed at the grave of her mantis lover in the Queen's Gardens. The flower is very fragile and will be destroyed if the Knight takes damage or ride the Stagways.

Godmaster Icon.png Godtuner

Device that resonates with beings of great power. Seek the gods of Hallownest. Tune their power. Through their strength, ascend. Glows bright upon defeating mighty foes.


Items that enhance the Knight.

Mask Shard.png
Mask Shard

A shard of an ancient mask, worn to protect oneself from harm.

Vessel Fragment.png
Vessel Fragment

Fragment of a white vessel made to contain soul.

Salubra's Blessing

A boon bestowed by Charm Lover Salubra. Those blessed are followed by beauty and love.


Items that can be turned in to certain NPCs for Geo or other services.

Pale Ore.png
Pale Ore

Rare, pale metal that emanates an icy chill. Prized by those who craft weapons.

Rancid Egg.png
Rancid Egg

Fatty, rancid egg of an unknown creature. Emits a powerful stench of decay.

Wanderer's Journal.png
Wanderer's Journal

A journal left behind by a long-dead traveller. The words are written in a forgotten dialect and difficult to understand.

Hallownest Seal.png Hallownest Seal

Official seal of the Kingdom of Hallownest, symbolising the authority of the King and his Knights.

King's Idol.png
King's Idol

A white idol depicting the King of Hallownest. The elusive king was worshipped through these idols.

Arcane Egg.png
Arcane Egg

Mysterious stone egg from before the birth of Hallownest.


Inv Waterways Key.png

  • There is an unused key in the game's files labelled "Waterways_Key" which was presumably used to open the Royal Waterways instead of the currently used Simple Key.

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