Hollow Knight Silksong

These enemies currently have no confirmed name, however, they are all shown in the Silksong trailer and E3 2019.

Sharpe's Companions

Sharpe (2)

Sharpe is a hunter from a distant land. He’s tasked with eliminating Hornet and he’s not come alone. Sharpe brings companions on his deadly quest. Who are they? And why are they pursuing Hornet? We’ll leave you to guess at their full nature. Just know, Hornet’s gonna be fighting for her life against this highly trained trio. [1]

Enemies "#163, #164, #165"

Enemy 163 164 165

Though their names shall remain a mystery, we can say they’re members of a scholarly suite, former tenders of a dusty vault full of ancient knowledge. This is a tough later game trio who, when in battle, work closely together, covering for each other’s weaknesses. [2]


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