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For the Godmaster Icon Godmaster versions of Bosses and a list of their differing information, see: Hall of Gods

Bosses are unique enemies in Hollow Knight with typically higher health or deal more damage than the standard creatures in the same area. The Knight may have to defeat a Boss to access a new area, acquire an item, complete a quest, or simply further the main story of the game.

When the Knight encounters a Boss, their name will appear on-screen, and the music will change into a battle theme. There is a total of 47 bosses in the game.


Broken Vessel Icon
Brooding Mawlek Icon
Brothers Oro & Mato Icon
The Collector Icon
Broken Vessel Brooding Mawlek Godmaster Icon Brothers Oro & Mato The Collector

Crystal Guardian Icon
Dung Defender Icon
False Knight Icon
Flukemarm Icon
Crystal Guardian Dung Defender False Knight Flukemarm

God Tamer Icon
Great Nailsage Sly Icon
Troupe Master Grimm Icon
Gruz Mother Icon
God Tamer Godmaster Icon Great Nailsage Sly Grimm Troupe Icon Grimm Gruz Mother

Hive Knight Icon
The Hollow Knight Icon
Hornet Protector Icon
Mantis Lords Icon
Lifeblood Icon Hive Knight The Hollow Knight Hornet Protector Mantis Lords

Massive Moss Charger Icon
Nosk Icon
Oblobble Icon
Paintmaster Sheo Icon
Massive Moss Charger Nosk Oblobble Godmaster Icon Paintmaster Sheo

Radiance Icon
Soul Master Icon
Soul Warrior Icon
Traitor Lord Icon
Radiance Soul Master Soul Warrior Traitor Lord

Uumuu Icon
Vengefly King Icon
Watcher Knight Icon
Zote Circle-2
Uumuu Vengefly King Watcher Knight Zote the Mighty

Warrior Dreams

The following is a list of ghosts that the Knight can fight. For a list of "NPC" ghosts, that can be only interacted with and seen, see: Ghosts
Map Pin Warriors Grave

Lingering Ghosts of particularly strong bugs, Warrior Dreams are a unique form of Boss in that the Knight can only challenge them once they have acquired the Dream Nail. Defeating a Warrior Dream rewards a large amount of Essence.

After acquiring the Dream Nail, the Knight may purchase the Warrior's Grave Pin from Iselda for Geo180, which reveals the location of the Warrior Dream in the area after that area's Map has been purchased.

Dream Nailing a Warrior Dream will automatically enter the fight, and Dream Nailing them after winning the fight will automatically collect the essence without dialogue. The Dream Nail has no effect when used during the fight.

Elder Hu Icon
Galien Icon
Gorb Icon
Markoth Icon
Elder Hu Galien Gorb Markoth

Marmu Icon
No Eyes Icon
Xero Icon
Marmu No Eyes Xero

Boss Variants

Alternate versions of bosses. More challenging than the original fight. Some can be accessed by Dream-Nailing their corpse; defeating these dream bosses awards a large sum of Essence. Others can be found elsewhere in Hallownest after the original fight or inside Godhome.

Absolute Radiance Icon
Enraged Guardian Icon
Failed Champion Icon
Grey Prince Zote Circle
Godmaster Icon Absolute Radiance Enraged Guardian Failed Champion Hidden Dreams Icon Grey Prince Zote

Hornet Sentinel Icon
Lost Kin Icon
Nightmare King Icon
Pure Vessel Icon
Hornet Sentinel Lost Kin Grimm Troupe Icon Nightmare King Godmaster Icon Pure Vessel

Sisters of Battle Icon
Soul Tyrant Icon
White defender circle
Winged Nosk Icon
Godmaster Icon Sisters of Battle Soul Tyrant Hidden Dreams Icon White Defender Godmaster Icon Winged Nosk

Fake-Out Bosses

Bosses that include an intro sequence with a name card and a battle theme, however, will not be fought and have no purpose beyond being a surprise/joke.

The Hunter Icon
Tiso Icon
The Hunter Godmaster Icon Tiso

Dream Bosses

A Dream Boss is the ghost version of a Boss that is unlocked by defeating a specific living Boss and then striking their corpse with the Dream Nail. The Knight will be transported to the Dream Realm and must perform a short platforming sequence to reach the boss room, which will be set up similarly to the room in which the original Boss is fought.

Dream Bosses are significantly more challenging than their living counterparts, with much faster and more complex attack patterns, along with much greater health.

When defeated, a Dream Boss, except for Nightmare King Grimm, will grant a certain amount of Essence, just like Warrior Dreams. There are six Dream Bosses in Hallownest.

Icon Name and Location Essence
HJ False Knight
Failed Champion

False Knight in the Forgotten Crossroads, in a room above the boss room behind a breakable wall, surrounded by two Maggots.

HJ Grey Prince Zote
Hidden Dreams Icon Grey Prince Zote

Statue of Zote the Mighty found underneath Bretta's house in Dirtmouth.
Requires rescuing Bretta and defeating Zote in the Colosseum of Fools and Monarch Wings

300 (First Fight)
HJ Broken Vessel
Lost Kin

Broken Vessel in the Ancient Basin

HJ Soul Master
Soul Tyrant

Soul Master in the Soul Sanctum

HJ White Defender
Hidden Dreams Icon White Defender

Dung Defender in the Royal Waterways, in a secret room below the large pump next to the Dung Defender's arena.
Requires defeating all 3 Dreamers.

300 (First Fight)
HJ Nightmare King
Grimm Troupe Icon Nightmare King Grimm

Grimm can be found sleeping at the very right of his tent.
Requires a level 3 Grimmchild with three Flames.

No essence but rather an upgrade to the Grimmchild

Losing a Dream Boss battle

It's important to note that The Knight does not actually die during a Dream Boss battle. If the Knight dies, they will simply wake up next to the point of entry. This means several things:

  • The Knight does not leave behind a Shade.
  • The Knight does not lose part of their SOUL Meter. (However, the SOUL meter still completely empties.)
  • The Knight does not lose any Geo.
  • The Fragile Charms sold by Leg Eater do not break, making Fragile Strength and Fragile Heart particularly good choices.
  • Steel Soul runs will not end.


  • Designing a Warrior Dream was a reward for a tier of backers during the game's Kickstarter campaign:
"Ancient Hero: Appear in-game as an epic warrior-spirit! Help us create the appearance and dialogue for your spirit counterpart: Tell the Hollow Knight of your great deeds, then challenge him to battle!"
  • In this same Kickstarter project, a location called Queen's Glade is mentioned in the Warrior Dreams tier:
"Become a Warrior Spirit in the Queen’s Glade"
  • In the Kickstarter project, it is mentioned that 3 people pledged to the 2nd to last tier, which allows backers to create their own bosses, two of them were the God Tamer, Steel Assassin Sharpe, and a third upcoming boss in Hollow Knight: Silksong. The 2 companions announced alongside Sharpe do not seem to count in these 3.
    • There are also 3 upcoming bosses from the "create your own dungeon" reward tier in Silksong.
  • Dying at the same time as a boss dies will no longer lead to the boss being considered defeated, rather the Knight has to fight the boss again as it will be respawned.
  • Dream bosses do not need to be defeated to unlock the Godmaster Icon Pantheon of the Knight as defeating the base counterpart will count towards the lock. However, the dream boss will still not be available in the Godmaster Icon Hall of Gods.

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