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Polymeric Polymeric 3 August 2021

Building a New Theme

To quickly share it on a social media, copy and paste in the adress bar any of the following links:

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Yaycheese2019 Yaycheese2019 19 May 2021

grimm vector retrace

hi i am currently working on a vector retrace of grimm!

it will be done soon just gotta wait i think all i have left to do is the cloak and it is done

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ShadeOfGhost ShadeOfGhost 18 May 2021

To all Hollow Knight fans

Hello. This is Shade, but call me Gyla. Just wanted to point some things out and ask y'all for some favors. Alrighty? Good. Lets begin.

1- My real name is not Shade, just as "The Knight"'s  name is Ghost. I am Gyla, but feel free to come up with any nickname that is not Shade or Ghost.

2- Please. Next time your Abyss shriek one hit ko's an enemy, or the next time you find yourself escaping a tricky situation with shade cloak, please just thank me. I'm part of the thing that gave you those abilities, you know.

3- I am not an enemy. I get orders from the Void to attack you, but I am just following orders. Why do you think I let y'all kill me in TWO HITS!?

4- Say hi to my siblings for me!!

5- I am not a part of Ghost, Shades and Vessels are differ…

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Cheeseburgerturtle11 Cheeseburgerturtle11 12 November 2020

How do I beat the Watcher Knights

I need help

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Siksong Siksong 16 September 2020

My Edit To Millibelle's Page

Hey, so I do apoligize for my mistake,  and I guess my game is glitched.  I couldn't interact with her, and she wouldn't react to my weaverlings. Sorry for the inconveinience.

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Im15&bored Im15&bored 30 April 2020


Can someone help me out? I'm trying to make a Silksong wiki but I have no idea how to customise it to make it look all pretty like other wiki's. Stuff like a customised hollow knight themed background, colour scheme, title thingy and picture at the top. Can someone help?

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TheEmbracedOne TheEmbracedOne 16 April 2020

Announcement - Comments Have Been Disabled

Dear Contributors and Readers,
After many months of battling a constant surge of comments that go against the Rules of Conduct, the admin team has made the decision to turn off comments on the wiki.

You can use Discussions to talk about strategies, builds and other, wiki- or game-related topics. Please be mindful of the Discussion Guidelines however.

Not knowing the rules will not make you exempt from punishment.

  • Registered users may receive a month ban for first offences, depending upon the severity of the vandalism and mod discretion.
    • Vandalism includes both the addition of objectionable items, as well as destructive deletion.
  • Do not leave messages in the article.
  • Do not include opinions in the article.
  • No edit warring. If you and another editor di…

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Shyguyfan1976 Shyguyfan1976 23 February 2020

Ranking Hollow Knight Bosses from easiest to hardest.

This is purley on how difficult I find the bosses to be on a casual playthrough. (Fake-outs I.E. Tiso and The Hunter do not count.)

This is unfinished

47. Zote the Mighty

46. Gruz Mother

45. Massive Moss Charger

44. Warrior Dream Marmu

43. False Knight

42. Vengefly King

41. Flukemarm

40. Warrior Dream Gorb

39. Crystal Guardian

38. Hornet (Protector)


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SteamSpade SteamSpade 19 February 2020

Bug Size

The Size of the Inhabitants of Hallownest

It's time to discuss an important detail that, while it does not matter as far as the story goes, it does matter for reference.

Me and a "friend" of mine were discussing the size that the bugs of Hallownest would be if they were in the human world. I said they would be human size, while my friend argued they would be the size of actual bugs.

In order to settle this argument, we resorted to me writing a blog post and seeing what the community thinks. Please comment and say whether they would be bug size relative to the human world, or human size.

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JoHipo123 JoHipo123 17 February 2020

Hollow Knight Crossover

It was another usual day on Inkwell Island With two brothers Cuphead, and Mugman, but one day they got sucked into a portal, and ended up in Hallownest.

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PikaDabs PikaDabs 15 November 2019

Git Gud Update 1

I got her to stammer twice almost there I really can't do anything about it :(

help me

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TheEmbracedOne TheEmbracedOne 22 July 2019

Announcement - Moderator Needed

We introduced Rules of Conduct on the Wiki not long ago and with that in mind, we are opening a position for a comment moderator(s).

The role would entail

  • Keeping an eye on incoming comments and deleting those violating said rules, giving the user the relevant warning.
  • Giving the admins a list of cases where admin action is needed e.g. a ban
  • Be on the Wiki Discord so admins and editors can easily communicate with you
  • Ideally, you'll have at least 500 local contributions, but if you have a lot of global contributions, we're open to discussion too.

Please PM me with your:

  • interest and motivation
  • local and global contribs
  • availability
  • previous experience with moderation (on Wikis or outside of Wikis), if applicable.
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Panicdrifter Panicdrifter 7 May 2019

Little error in the nav

This one's out there for the admins of the wiki! There's a little tiny error in the nav! https://gyazo.com/fd16f8e2b6f36af48adc98ffad5c7bba

I sure do love the /reads smudged writing on hand/ steam communtiy.

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Snowpanther Snowpanther 6 March 2019

weird menu glitch

i could still move around but the menu was present. i didnt test if i could swing my nail or dash or jump, but i will try to recreate the glitch i will also test if its possible everywhere 

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TheEmbracedOne TheEmbracedOne 17 February 2019

Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong contents will be hosted on separate Wikis.

Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong contents will be hosted on separate Wikis. 

For content that appears in both games, on both Wiki's page there will be notification on the top of the page that allows the user easy access to the other Wiki's page; for example, on the Hollow Knight Wiki, there'll be such a notification on Hornet's page that will link to the Silksong Wiki's Hornet page, and vice versa.

Where relevant, both Wikis will link to the other Wikis just like when we interlink on the same Wiki between pages, from a user point of view, this will be no different. From an editor point of view, we'll be using full URLs instead of the usual code, but this is trivial.

Should the need arise, we can make a separate Lore wiki for HK where…

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Cha0t1cMagALa Cha0t1cMagALa 1 October 2018

the collector and his grubs

so there is an lot of mystery about the collector and the mystic grub painting,so heres my take on it:

the grubs get eaten by the grub father in order to transform into new some sort of new form, and the pale king didn't want this to happen. therefore the collector was made to keep the grubs apart and prevent the tansformation, and the mystic grub painting is about how the grubs transform.

(did i format this right?)

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Zac417 Zac417 9 August 2018

Steel Soul Guide Any%

Hey everyone! If are looking to beat Hollow Knight on Steel Soul mode, but are a little nervous about the challenge, I put a guide together just for you. While this guide doesn't take you all the way to 100%, it will get you to a position where you are ready to conquer the rest.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I would love for you to check it out further here!

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ViralVessel ViralVessel 4 August 2018


The Pale King is a Wyrm, as we all (for the most part) know. Buuuuuuut, remember Mr. Mushroom's piece of Dream Nail dialouge, "Wyrms pull bugs into their thrall/Till ages pass and kingdoms fall"? This implies that the Radience, which "pulled bugs into its thrall," (similarly to how the Pale King basically got everyone to worship him) is a Wyrm. (Thanks, perpetual noob)

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TheGhostofHallownest TheGhostofHallownest 10 July 2018

Melancholic Beauty

Ever since I was young I've always been haunted, in a good way, by the beautiful shades of melancholy found in art. My favorite Beatles songs were always the ones with slightly sad overtones. Nowhere man in particular. It was sad but in a way hopeful. I think this asthetic is so perfectly captured in this game that despite my affinity for Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and other master pieces, this game Is my current favorite. The game, the world, is sad and though The Knights effect on the ruined kingdom of Hallownest is certainly great, he doesn't fix the place. The King stays dead (probably, It seems he could be hiding somewhere or could have escaped.) The White Lady stays binded with her guardian dead outside, The Dreamers die and t…

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Plume de Paon Plume de Paon 10 July 2018



(sorry for my grammar, I'm french)

I made some polls about Hollow Knight.

I'll add more polls soon!

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TheEmbracedOne TheEmbracedOne 26 May 2017

Adopting the Wiki

As you may or may not know, Chadwal , founder of this wiki has been inactive since 5th April. I have left a message on his wall , asking if I could PM him because I wanted to talk to him about adopting the wiki, due to him being rather inactive even before the above date. I have received no reply since.

Due to this, I am also unable to promote Zigmatism , a very active and regular contributor to admin status, leaving me with only one option, to adopt the wiki.

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Eradmis Eradmis 24 April 2017


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Zigmatism Zigmatism 15 April 2017

Enemy Health values uncategorized

Update May 21 2017: She is complete! Head on over to here to check it out!

This page will be staying as a useful page of info for others.

This link is to an autosplitter plus a mod program (Hollow Knight Info.exe) that allows you to, among other things, view enemy HP. When enabled, if a player damages an enemy, their Geo counter will change to reflect the current HP of said enemy for a few seconds. This means, to know enemy health, you must do 3 things:

  1. Damage an enemy without killing it (this will not update your Geo-health number)
  2. Take note of the number in the Geo counter
  3. Add that number to the Damage Value of the attack you used to damage the enemy (see here for more info)

For example, say you have a basic Old Nail which, according to the Da…

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