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Baldur Shell is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It spawns a protective shell around the Knight when using Focus which blocks up to 4 hits.


Prevents the Knight from taking damage if hit with an attack while using Focus. The Knight also gains invincibility frames as if they were hit normally despite not taking damage.

The shell can only absorb up to four hits before it breaks and it can only be repaired by resting at a Bench. The durability is represented by a tiny image of a blue shell that appears below the SOUL meter. As it takes hits, cracks form in the shell, until it breaks completely.

This Charm is of debatable use, as taking a hit while Focusing still interrupts the charge and wastes SOUL, rendering the protection pointless. On top of that, it can only block four hits of damage and only regenerates when resting at a Bench. Due to this, Baldur Shell is outclassed by Quick Focus and even Shape of Unn for mid-battle healing.

Its best use is against bosses that have a certain attack that is difficult to avoid. Starting to Focus during that attack can save the trouble of having to dodge it and risk losing health. Even so, its limited hits mean that it loses its effect in drawn-out battles.

Note that Baldur Shell cannot be activated if the Knight does not have enough SOUL, as in order to use Focus there has to be a minimum of 33 SOUL in the gauge.

How to Acquire

This Charm is located in the southwest portion of the Howling Cliffs, where there is a chest that drops only Geo.png1. Jumping down into the chest takes the Knight to a cave guarded by two Elder Baldurs. Defeating the one on the right opens a tunnel filled with Elder Baldur corpses that leads to the Charm.

Charm Combo Tips

Stalwart Shell.png
Stalwart Shell

Applies Stalwart Shell's effect when Baldur Shell is triggered.

Thorns of Agony.png
Thorns of Agony

Thorns of Agony activates if Baldur Shell is triggered, even if the Knight has not taken damage.

Carefree Melody.png
Carefree Melody

Carefree Melody's counter increases from hits to the shell and can protect it from damage when activated.


Baldur Shell can prevent damage from interrupting the regeneration of Hiveblood Masks.


Early screenshot showing Baldur Shell's former name

  • Baldur Shell was originally going to be called "Propede Shell".[1]
  • While fighting a boss, using the shell as the boss roars causes the shell to be visible until taking damage or healing. This works for any boss that stun roars. The shell also still protects the Knight from damage.
  • Using Shape of Unn in combination with Baldur Shell and Spore Shroom changes how the snail body of the Knight looks in addition to granting the Charm combo.
Shape of Unn Default.png

Shape of Unn default

Shape of Unn Baldur.png

With Baldur Shell

Shape of Unn Shroom.png

With Spore Shroom

Shape of Unn Shroom Baldur.png

With both


  1. Hollow Knight Press Kit "screen_charms.jpg" screenshot.
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