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Arcane Eggs are jet black stone eggs originating from a civilisation that existed before the Kingdom of Hallownest was founded.[1][2] According to Relic Seeker Lemm, each of these eggs contains knowledge and records within its various layers, although only the outer layer is accessible to Lemm.[3] Other Relic Seekers claim that there is a will within these eggs, with each seeking its own bearer, but Lemm remains sceptical of those claims.[4]


Can be sold to Relic Seeker Lemm for Geo.png 1200.

  • Shop description:
Ah! This seems like a simple egg, but it's actually a precious relic from before the birth of Hallownest!
I'll pay you a small fortune for it. Please sell it to me!

How to Acquire

There are a total of 4 Arcane Eggs that can be obtained:

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Once Lifeblood Core is taken from its pedestal the room will permanently be locked off, meaning that unless the Egg is acquired before picking up the Charm it will be unobtainable.


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  3. Relic Seeker Lemm: "In Hallownest we use stone journals or tablets, our text engraved atop. These eggs are far more secure. Their records are stored within. In fear of damaging the eggs, I'm only able to access the outer layer,"
  4. Relic Seeker Lemm: "My fellows have claimed there's a will of sorts within each egg, that each seeks its own bearer, or reject them. That'd be a subtle power indeed, and I remain sceptical."