Gg IU Godfinder prompt
Dispositif qui résonne avec des êtres de grand pouvoir.

Cherchez les dieux d'Hallownest. Syntoniser leur puissance. De par leur force, faites votre ascension.
Glows bright upon defeating mighty foes.


Utilisation Modifier

When defeating a boss that required to unlock a pantheon, it will appear on screen and blink.

Acquisition Modifier

It is dropped by Chercheuse de Dieux automatically when they are freed from their coffin at the Fosse à Ordures by using a Clé simple.

Trivia Modifier

  • There are 5 notches in the Godtuner section of the Inventory. Each notch seems to correspond to each pantheon in Godhome. Each notch will change appearance according to the completion status of the corresponding pantheon (which includes the bindings used).