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Area Art Godshome


Inside the dreams of the Godseeker is the Godhome, an area dedicated to attuning to the "Gods" (Bosses) of Hallownest. Here, The Knight can face many challenging boss gauntlets and other challenges.

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Area Art Stormland-temp

The Land of Storms, otherwise known as Stormland, is a small, near empty sub-area with a singular path that leads through post-apocalyptic ruins. The atmosphere is also accompanied by howling winds, thunder and distant lightning. Additionally, the path is littered with the masks of dead Godseekers. Once reaching the end The Knight is greeted with an airy room and an interact-able item. Inspecting this item will unlock the journal entry for the Weathered Mask.

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After clearing all pantheons and filling out all the binding notches for each pantheon (Master, Artist, Sage, Knight, and Hallownest), the tuning machine directly above the Pantheon of the Knight will rise up revealing an interactable switch. Striking this switch will open up a crack in the wall of a secret area. This area is accessible by dropping off the left side and hugging the wall of the platform on which the Pantheon of Hallownest is found.

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