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Once a prosperous kingdom, Hallownest has been reduced to ruins, with the majority of its population dead, missing or overcome by the Infection. At the surface, stands the small village of Dirtmouth, from where the last of the civilised bugs were eventually drawn into the depths of the kingdom. Elderbug tells the tragic tale of the town, as well as those of many adventurers before the player.


Exploration can be made easier by purchasing the Map and Quill that allow the Knight to draw their own map as they explore. To start mapping an Area, the player must first purchase an incomplete area map from Cornifer. If the player misses Cornifer in an area (usually by defeating the area Boss), Iselda will sell the map of that area for a slightly higher price in Dirtmouth.

The Knight can use the Stagways or Trams to fast travel through Hallownest, or by using the Dream Gate ability.

The Knight can rest at Benches, serving as checkpoints throughout Hallownest. Some require a toll to be activated.