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Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong contents will be hosted on separate Wikis.

For content that appears in both games, on both Wiki's page there will be notification on the top of the page that allows the user easy access to the other Wiki's page; for example, on the Hollow Knight Wiki, there'll be such a notification on Hornet's page that will link to the Silksong Wiki's Hornet page, and vice versa.

Where relevant, both Wikis will link to the other Wikis just like when we interlink on the same Wiki between pages, from a user point of view, this will be no different. From an editor point of view, we'll be using full URLs instead of the usual code, but this is trivial.

Should the need arise, we can make a separate Lore wiki for HK where both games' lore is present and easily searchable.

The Wiki Discord will remain the same for both Wikis: https://discord.gg/DuVNd4s

The Silksong Wiki's URL is https://silksong.fandom.com/ and I will be copying over the CSS, JS, templates and other relevant stuff to it in the coming week(s), setting up a new theme etc. For the time being, please refrain from creating new pages on it, and instead collate all Silksong-related info on this page: https://hollowknight.fandom.com/wiki/Silksong

The other URL I reserved for the Wiki (https://hollowknightsilksong.fandom.com/) will automatically redirect to the https://silksong.fandom.com/ Wiki.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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Land of Storms

Do I need to complete all pantheons with ALL BINDINGS ON AT ONCE to get to the Land of Storms or just complete each pantheon with all bindings completed?

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• 2/14/2019

Need help from an Admin

Can someone delete the page 'Tools' please? I need admin privileges to take it down. We're not meant to make pages on silksong yet. (Sorry about that...)

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• 2/11/2019

¿Comunidad hispana?

¿Hay alguien de habla hispana en este Fandom (o que entienda español) a parte de un servidor?
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• 1/23/2019
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• 1/20/2019

How to open this door?

The door to the right of me. It looks exactly like the door you can open by giving the statue the hollownest seal. It's closed just like the other one, Is it possible to open it?

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• 1/14/2019

Content Packs Main page Error

Hello, I'm completely new to this wiki and Hollow Knight, but I came and saw that for the FOUR content packs HK has, in their description it says 3, how can I correct this?

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• 12/3/2018

5 hour speedrun

So I want to get the 5 hour speedrun acheivement, and I've heard that, with some fancy pogo jumping, you don't actually need monarch wings, but is it still better to get them if you're mediocre at pogoing?

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• 11/26/2018


Ok fellas, we need to talk. The Steam Awards are coming up and I will not stand for that age-old ear-sore Undertale getting Best Soundtrack and for the obvious favorite Fortnite getting Game of the Year. I have been with this community for a significant amount of time (whether editing, speedrunning, badge-whoring, or clogging up the edit feed with my shenanigans I´m really sorry TEO please don´t tell the police or my family) and I have seen Hollow Knight grow and diversify past my wildest expectations. I can´t say it is my most played game (I have 618 hours on Terraria what a nerd), but I enjoy it quite immensely and even backtracking can be fun. So get out there and place your vote!

Have you Voted?
  • Yes, I have voted for Hollow Knight for an Award
  • No, I have not yet voted for Hollow Knight
  • I have voted for some other game like a hecking nerd
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• 11/21/2018

Essence Bug

Hey guys, i have about 2300 essence, but the seer tells me i only collected 900... Do i have a bug? I have killed the three dream bosses and have no more trees on my map.

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• 11/16/2018


Which do you feel is harder personally?

Choose from Below:
  • Ascended Uumuu
  • Ascended Collector
  • Ascended Traitor Lord
  • Ascended Marmu
  • Ascended Soul Tyrant
  • Radiant Crawlid
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• 11/11/2018

Any missable trophies for the platinum?

Hey everyone! I just want to say what an amazing game this is! As best as I can tell, the only trophy that appeared to be "missable" is "the hollow knight" trophy. I don't think anything else might require a 2nd playthrough? Also, unless I am mistaken, it does not appear that a steel soul run would be necessary either, correct? I appreciate any input on the matter, thanks :)

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• 11/9/2018

I finally beat the 5th pantheon!

Oh my god that took months! Can I just say, screw Markoth. He is the worst.

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• 10/28/2018

How many times have you died to the Kingsmoulds/Guards at the end of the Path of Pain?

  • I haven't gotten to them yet lol / I haven't even attempted the PoP xd
  • None :D
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Thrice
  • Four times or more (oof)
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• 10/27/2018

Have You guys beaten the pantheon of Hallownest?

So how many people here have beaten the last pantheon, I'm still stuck trying to beat absolute radiance in the hall of gods!

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• 10/19/2018

Has anyone experienced this?

So, you know how in Godhome you have to beat all of the bosses in a Pantheon in the real world before you can access the Pantheon? And God Tamer is in the Trial of the Fool and the Pantheon of the Sage?

Well, what happened to me was that before I fought God Tamer or tried TotF, I was able to access PofS. Which meant, that I fought God Tamer first in Godhome. Pretty Weird.

So I'm just trying to see if anyone's had the same experience or know what's happening besides a glitch in the game.

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• 10/16/2018

How to access Pantheon of Hallownest?

I've beaten all the other 4 Pantheons, and I have Void Heart, but when I got to the PoH device, I can't interact with it. Am I still missing something?

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• 10/7/2018

Is anyone found the dmg of Glowing Womb is wrong

The dmg of Glowing Womb with Defender`s Crest has been wrong,the true damage was 9 (no Fury of the Fallen) and 14 (Fury of the Fallen) but not 13/17.so it`s fun to found there`s not any changes after you wearing Defender`s Crest anyway. :)

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• 9/28/2018

What is the hardest ascended boss besides PV, AR and NKG

  • Gruz Mother
  • Markoth
  • Lost Kin
  • Collector
  • SoB
  • Winged Nosk
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• 9/22/2018

Nigtmare King Has Dream Nail Dialogue

With the Dream Wielder charm, it is possible to Dream Nail Grimm.

It can either read:
"The Troupe..."
"The Ritual..."
"The Flame..."

This is just one of the three that I caught.
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